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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Do you really think they will reinstate the dinar this year? Looks like it’s going to 2019? 

Good question and we all want our money now. 
But the fact is no one controls the reinstatement not even the CBI. 

The CBI is only the guardian and the instrument that will facilitate and control the process. 
They must wait until certain conditions apply. 
They do not run the government. 

Like I keep saying if you go into this investment thinking you are going to get rich quick, think again.
But you will get rich, eventually, if you have enough dinar and are very patient.

Article: “The Iraqi Interior Ministry reported on Friday the arrest of two money laundering bankers and transfer them out of the country.” 

This article is amazing. Such a small, seemingly meaningless, tiny article but it is chock full of goodies for us and the RV. This is what we need to see cleaned up.
This is the fraud and manipulation of the currency that is needed to be cleaned up for the CBI to pull the trigger on the reinstatement of the currency.
They are trying to create the right environment for this to take place. 

Meanwhile they stall the formation of the government as long as they can since they need to complete this cleanup of corruption, this is the reason why we wait.
Having said all this I do see signs of 2018 rather than 2019.
There is coordination going on with exchange centers and banks for the inevitable exchanges that will take place but Iraq must act first and so why not just relax and concentrate on what they do? 

This is the only sure way to try to figure this out for any kind of timeframe.

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