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Sunday, August 12, 2018

MNT GOAT: "Will the CBI complete the “project to delete the zeros”?", 12 AUGUST

Could this election saga finally be coming to an end? Its only 3 weeks from September. Will they try to drag this out until then? And even when they do finally announce the new parliament and prime minister then what? Will the CBI pull the trigger on the reinstatement of the dinar? Is the reinstatement already being slowly rolled out behind our backs? 

We see ISX going international already. Yes, there is a process to this SLOW rollout and DR Shabibi himself told us this is NOT going to be a sudden triggered event...but a very slow process. He said it would take months to complete.  Will the CBI complete the “project to delete the zeros”? This is what is going to bring us a significant change in the value of the dinar. Will the CBI finally launch the lower category notes? We know when they do this there will have to be some adjustment to the rate of the dinar to coincide.

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