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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Walkingstick:  Special Abadi's economic adviser: The decline of the currency in Iran and Turkey is in the interest of Iraq


Minister Haider Abadi that the decline of the currency in Iran and Turkey is in the interest of Iraq.

Saleh said in an interview with "Trend Press" said that the economic problems in Turkey are different from what is happening in Iran, there is a big difference between them and the decline is due to a deficit in the calculation of payments in general, indicating that as Iraq is a country imported from Turkey and Iran will be goods The low price is because the economic theory involves the transfer of part of the benefits that are falling out of the country.

He added that the country, which is exposed to a decline in its monetary currency is able to export a larger proportion, and as Iraq is an importer, there will be benefits to the Iraqi economy and the amounts of money less than the former and the country is benefiting from the increase in production of goods, noting that the Iraqi demand from those countries Demand from other countries will be offset by lower purchasing power.

He continued: the positive thing will be reflected on the tourism sector where the decline in the currency will lead citizens to travel and try to invest in the deterioration of the exchange rates within Iran or Turkey, pointing out that Iran and Turkey are characterized by economic diversification will be trade exchange between Iraq and positive for both parties.


Frank26:  %$#@ RIGHT !!! !!! !!! ……………………LOL

Popeye7: OH MAN>>>  Great, and telling article Walkingstick...... Imports to Iraq.. Exports from Turkey, and Iran... Currency declines in value in Iran, and Turkey will benefit Iraq once their currency has been given more buying power... Fantastic stuff... 

Boxman:  So Iraq will be able to buy the imported goods at a cheaper amount because of the decline in both the Turkish and Iranian currency, making goods more affordable in Iraq, and at the same time travel and more important investing in these countries will more affordable do to the increase in value of the Iraqi currency...not  too bad for a country who a year ago was fighting a major battle in mosul...IMHO


Walkingstick:  SNIPPET  Abadi: Iraq opposes US sanctions on Iran, but we will abide by [expanded]

BAGHDAD: Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, Iraq's opposition to US economic sanctions against Iran, which came into force on Tuesday.

"In principle, against sanctions, Iraq paid the biggest price for unjust sanctions imposed on him 13 years to weaken the former regime, but it led to the disruption of our people and destroyed the social fabric of Iraq and make the regime stronger in the repression of the people that we have the principle of categorically rejecting the sanctions," Abadi said at his weekly press conference. 

"We will not deal with the sanctions, but we will abide by them not to direct the Iraqis to harm and to protect our people.

We can not depart from the international system and the world economy, and we will not harm the interests of our people,"


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