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Sunday, August 12, 2018


It has been for months now, just not literally yet. They have calculated the information necessary for them to have the HCL done and even activated by or on about September 5th per articles of recent and I believe also around 04/17/2018..

The calculation would be based on oil output that the IMF and even KPMG would have had already worked up. The citizens imo will be paid their share apparently on or around the 5th of September, but, that amount would be posted electronically to then in new currency that can be loaded on cards.

There is a recent article(s) that state just how serious it would be to tell them that the money is coming and for them to not follow through, would create even harsher protests..
At They know they are getting paid, and, imo, the international calculation / rate will be / maybe exposed long before that date.
They just showed the specimens to the world and what that means to them and us.. It is for other countries to know what to look for.. As in when we walk through the doors with those notes, they can verify what they are looking at..

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