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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Baxter  I would give two of my Dimes... just to know what is really going on with this Dinar in the world.....

chattels  [Ayna-Baghdad]   announced the Independent Electoral Commission for the end of the counting and manual counting of all the centers and polling stations received complaints and appeals, as explained the reasons for the cancellation of manual counting and sorting of the Baghdad / Rusafa office.


Baxter  so does that mean... they are done chattels....
Baxter  I saw an article today where the U N was congratulating them on the completion..
chattels  The Rusafa district are the fire damaged records.
chattels  Baxter Appear to be done with the recount.
Baxter  good  3 months... that aint bad   geez
chattels  Baxter Actually just a little longer than one month after they actually started the recount.

Baxter  oh I know... but since the election its been that long... we announce are winners before the poles even close... LOL
chattels  Parliament effectively delayed the recount until the end of it's term on July 1st.
Baxter  Yeh... then they all ran for the hills
Baxter  whats that tell ya
chattels  Baxter Unfortunately, i " see through a glass darkly " most of the time.
Baxter  I know the feelin
ElmerFudd  Has the new gov't been created?
Baxter I wish
ElmerFudd  They're still at it?
Baxter  actually... they havent really started...
Baxter  election ballots are counted  that just happened today
ElmerFudd  Oh brother. Can it take any longer?
Baxter  evidently it can
Baxter  they are proof of that
ElmerFudd  So where do they go now?
Baxter  i think now the votes need to be ratified.... my guess though
ElmerFudd  Oh, so they have to start negotiating to decide when to negotiate when to ratify the results?

ElmerFudd  :)
Baxter LOL
chattels  We await judicial ratification ( resolution of appeals, etc, ) and then the Constitutional timelines begin.
Baxter  in other words.... we wait
ElmerFudd  Oh brother!
ElmerFudd  How long do you think that will take?
chattels  November at the earliest many commentators / observers are saying.
Baxter  UGH  seriously?
ElmerFudd  Nov when, 2025?
chattels  November for the seating of a new government that is.
Baxter  welcome 2019
ElmerFudd  Sheesh! You'd think the rest of the world would be kicking up a stink about their backwards ways. No one can do any business when they are screwing around like this.
chattels  I rather expect that it will be next month before there is judicial ratification and a first meeting of Parliament.
Baxter  yeh.... oh business is just going to flood into Iraq
ElmerFudd  Flooding out as well without any solid foundation.
Dave  I have read that due to accuracy of the recount,they may not entertain any appeals
Baxter  YEA  One for our side
ElmerFudd  That's a point Dave.
ElmerFudd  Do you guys think Abadi will get it?
Dave  if he leaves the Dawa party
ElmerFudd  What benefit will that be?
Dave  Maliki et-al
ElmerFudd   Maliki will be gone?
Dave  no affiliation with those guys
ElmerFudd  Ahhh.  Do you think he will do it?
Dave  have yet to ask him......
ElmerFudd   I wonder what Maliki's reaction to that will be?
Dave   odds on favorite....I hope
Dave   Maliki will be a back bencher with no clout.....
ElmerFudd   I would have hoped that he wouldn't be in the government at all.
Dave   could also be on ABADI NAUGHTY LIST
ElmerFudd    He's on the ICC naughty list.
Dave   he got elected
Dave   in the coming days will should know who is on that list
ElmerFudd   I can't believe that that many Iraqi's voted for him.
Dave   passing out cash for votes...who knows
ElmerFudd   Sounds like Obozo, vote for me and I'll give you a free cell phone!
Dave   going after the corruption is on the top of the protestors demands as well as saDR'S
ElmerFudd   I was hoping that they would be demanding delete the zeroes.

Dave   they require a session of parliament to vote for the additional funding for projects
chattels   Tamer El-Ghobashy @TamerELG
Despite coming in third in May’s election, Abadi was seen as having a good chance of keeping his seat. Now, other names are being tossed around including a member of his own party. A serious miscalculation by the US.
chattels   Street protests in Iraq could cost pro-American prime minister his job
chattels   BAGHDAD — Sustained protests in Iraq’s Shiite heartland this summer have dimmed the prospects that the nation’s staunchly pro-American prime minister will wrest a second term, with demonstrators channeling their frustrations over poor basic services into a sweeping condemnation of his leadership.
The protests, which have morphed from chaotic and sometimes violent marches into daily sit-ins, have prompted powerful religious and political figures to zero-in on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as the source of Iraq’s many troubles.
This could cost him another term, despite his widely acclaimed successes last year in leading the Iraqi government to victory over the Islamic State and firmly turning back a Kurdish bid for independence.
chattels   “The U.S. certainly miscalculated by so openly pushing for a second term for Abadi,” said Nussaibah Younis, an Iraq expert with Chatham House, adding that Washington should have emphasized its priorities for the Iraqi government rather than focusing on a specific individual.    
“Pushing for a continuation of Abadi was the easy way for the U.S. to try to protect the gains it has made in Iraq over the last four years without having to do the substantial groundwork that would have been required to build up a range of political alternatives.
ElmerFudd   If not Abadi, then who?
chattels   “Abadi is the best among all the previous prime ministers but still, he has shown his weaknesses more than once,” he said. “He couldn’t punish the corrupt and he couldn’t face the armed militias. He won’t be able to run the country in the next stage.”
A leading official close to the negotiations, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive talks, said Abadi’s electoral ticket is no longer seen as an essential partner to the two emerging power centers: Sadr’s majority bloc, supported by the Shiite Hikma group, and Amiri’s bloc, supported by former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki.
Abadi’s ticket has been relegated to the same minority status as Kurdish and Sunni parties, which are viewed as secondary partners in forming a government, the official said.
chattels   a new name has emerged as a potential successor to Abadi from within his own Dawa party, Tarek Najm, a former chief of staff for Maliki, the official said.
ElmerFudd   Oh great. That may not be good news.
chattels   This is Iraq. Unpredictable. We shall see.
Dave   they mentioned Abadi having to leave the Dawa party,i doubt they would be looking there......to fill that position

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