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Saturday, August 4, 2018


BREW  TNT@THE_TNT_TEAM  I tried to tweet the English version but it’s too long. Simply put the Iraq Dinar is now globally traded as of yesterday and those are the rates.
NickNak  BREW https://www.iqdcalls.com/xe.html
BREW  NickNak thanks.  NickNak still worthless me thinks.
NickNak  Just saw this also "now globally traded" should be a start?
Tebow  BREW they can't post because it's too long, why not provide the link.... They can't :laugh

nickNak  globally trade ;$$$  IQD has a source link at the end
Spectra  NickNak but it looks normal ...whats the big deal?
Spectra  Tebow your right .i never looked at it that way..
NickNak   "now globally traded"
Spectra  NickNak and .......i guess that's a good thing ...but not what were looking for......
Spectra  NickNak we want the number's too change .......right!
Tebow  NickNak @1186
NickNak  Tittle of article is "The Iraqi dinar exchange globally on Wednesday"
Spectra  NickNak i know ..ive known this already....but ty
Spectra  NickNak maybe someone watching might like it?
NickNak  It should be a positive thing yes
Spectra  NickNak it's not enough too excite me.....
Baxter  PTR today said they expect the dinar to be on the ISX on Monday.....
Tebow   means nothing without a rate change
Baxter  No... matter of fact... they may have to have a rate change just to be on it
Baxter  I think its more BS
NickNak  Spectra True because the VND has been globally traded.. but it is still progress
Spectra  NickNak over 50 years ....call that slow i call that currency dead in my head
BREW  Baxter when have you ever know dan to tell the truth, lol
Baxter  LOL...  never   I just listen when I need a laugh
Tebow  Maybe all those investors Krap always talks about will now show up
Spectra  NickNak i see no progress for VND
NickNak  IQD dinar Has to be globally traded before it will change in value
NickNak  Spectra Agree
Spectra  NickNak thats right over 50 years...my gosh
NickNak  I spent very little on VND
Baxter  BREW.. YOU HERE..
BREW  Baxter yes
Baxter  BREW B is supposed to be in chatroom tomorrow night
BREW  Baxter was reading an article.
Baxter  BREW Oh Ok....
BREW  Baxter yes he is, with news, :laugh
Baxter  BREW LOL
Baxter  BREW this is really getting sickening
BREW  Baxter from what i am hearing, just a pump and jump.
Baxter  BREW probably
BREW  to keep the member ship up, got to have that pay check at the end of the month.
Baxter  BREW yep.. for sure
NickNak  Who is B?
BREW   NickNak blaino....... another guru.
 BREW   NickNak gezz, you know him to, lol
NickNak  Him and Hammerman used to spew b-
BREW  NickNak yes they did.
Spectra   ((((The (Dying) Elephant in the Room))))-----------The City of London is scrambling to keep its control of the $1.5 quadrillion global derivatives bubble intact, under conditions that increasingly indicate its early demise.
At issue is the British Empire's stranglehold over the trans-Atlantic financial system and economies, under conditions of a surging alternative in the form of the Belt and Road Initiative.
One immediate flashpoint is the UK's "Brexit," and the City of London's blackmail demand that they must retain their preeminent control of the world derivatives trade, even as they supposedly "exit" from the European Union. But the British Empire's existential problem extends way, way beyond Brexit per se.
They are threatened by the "exit" of half of humanity from their looting schemes. They are threatened by President Trump's moves to "exit" from geopolitical confrontation with Russia and China.
They are threatened additionally by this week's emerging alliance between Trump and the Conte government in Italy, which could topple the entire EU structure from the inside. https://larouchepac.com/20180802/dying-elephant-room#.W2MbHI_WS50.twitter
chattels  Why is it than when it is least likely that anything can / should happen by way of an increase in the value of the dinar that the gurus become active with these off the wall contact projections ?
meatball  chattels got to keep that bs train a rolling
Baxter  train runs on TWO things... HOPIUM AND B S....
meatball  Baxter hey there
Baxter  just got here... looks awful quiet
meatball  yes it does
meatball  Baxter you find that dime yet
Baxter  Nope...  I wouldnt be here if I did
meatball  don't blame ya  Baxter how's the weather
Baxter  hasnt been bad here.. a little rain couple days ago but we needed it..  sunny today.... about 87
Chattels   David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1
In Iraq, protests today in Basra, Baghdad, Dhi Qar, Miysan, Diwaniya, Najaf & Karbala Provinces. Protesters demand end to corruption, better services, job opportunities, electricity & clean water.
chattels   https://twitter.com/DavidMWitty1/status/1025428741810479105
chattels  Assistant Baghdad Operations Commander receives list of demands from protesters in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square to be delivered to PM. http://mobp.as/NMWGm
chattels   UN: 870K residents have returned to Mosul since liberation from ISIS in July 2018. Many international organizations are working to support the return of residents but many homes and shops are just piles of rubble. There are still many explosives to clear. http://mobp.as/dvWGm
chattels  No Solutions
Why Iraq’s Anti-Govt Protests May Be Doomed To Fail   Mustafa Habib
There are anti-government protests in Iraq every summer. But the recent batch are different, and in ways that could hinder any resolution.
chattels  http://www.niqash.org/en/articles/politics/5963/why-iraq-s-anti-govt-protests-may-be-doomed-to-fail.htm
chattels  Protests are expected in Iraq in summer. It’s so hot that a lack of potable water and power to cool things down, or keep food, is enough to drive people onto the streets in anger.
 But these protests – which spread from Basra to other provinces, including the capital Baghdad – are different from past ones in several ways. For one thing, they appear to be spontaneous and leaderless, their demands are many, often non-specific and in some cases, unrealistic.
And if the protestors have one thing in common, it is their distrust of, and lack of confidence in, the whole of the Iraqi political establishment. They are not targeting any one party or sector; basically, they don’t like anyone.
chattels  The absence of any leadership could see the protests fade away. There is also the danger that other less well-intentioned parties could exploit the protests.
chattels  ............. former organisers are now somehow tainted by their recent win in the federal elections, held in May this year. They are now seen as part of the political process and therefore, unable to participate in this round of anti-government anger.
chattels  Al-Sistani finally spoke out about the protests during last Friday’s sermons. He called upon demonstrators to keep up the pressure on the country’s politicians and demanded that the new government be finalized as quickly as possible, and that it be headed by a “strong and brave” prime minister. Al-Sistani also called on the politicians to think carefully about what they did in the past.
chattels  Iraq has never formed a government that ignores the quota system before. To take a new untried route to power, makes things more difficult. And despite ongoing calls to hurry the process of government formation up, it is quite possible that doing so according to al-Sistani’s call, will delay it even further.
Chattels  UNHCR concludes counting and sorting the results of Diwaniya and tomorrow Karkh
Editorial Date: 2018/8/3 15:27 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=76378
Chattels   The government is in the process of publishing lists of officials referred to integrity on corruption charges  Date of release: 2018/7/31 18:39 •
chattels  In the South we call it " fixin' to get ready ", which may be defined as an interminably delayed process that may or may not ever occur.
chattels  Abadi has talked about a list of the corrupt for some time now. I am afraid that there are too many " foxes in the hen house ".
The corrupt are all connected to the factions that will make up the new government. How does one attain consensus for a government and prosecute it's very members at the same time ?
The corrupt are not isolated individuals. They are part of a matrix and systematic theft / graft.
chattels  I have noted that the conclusion of the recount does not equate to a readiness to form the new government in that the next stage is the process of appeals and ultimate judicial ratification.
chattels  To wit ; " The legal expert, Ali al-Tamimi, on Friday, a surprise of the heavy caliber when he revealed, "The completion of counting and partial hand counting is not the end of the formation of the next government,
but there is a stage of appeals of the results of the elections immediately after the announcement should The government should form a new commission to run the electoral process for local elections. "
Tamimi said that "the Council of the Commission will raise the matter to the Federal Court under Article 93 of the Constitution in order to ratify the final results of the elections and the membership of the deputies and the Federal Court will also receive the appeals of the results of the elections within 10 days of the announcement of the Commission, After that period,
"pointing out that" the constitution did not specify the duration of the formation of the government, but the process of forming a new cabinet cab will take three months, because of appeals in the election results, and the mechanism that will form the government and the days ahead will witness many appeals to the results of the election"
chattels   http://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http://www.iraqpressagency.com/
chattels  Repeated for emphasis ............. " the process of forming a new cabinet cab will take three months, because of appeals in the election results, and the mechanism that will form the government and the days ahead will witness many appeals to the results of the election"
chattelsIf the recount were to be completed tomorrow, which is will not, allowing ten days for judicial ratification and three months to form a government, then we are in the middle of November arguably at the earliest.
Chattels  The appeal process and judicial ratification will take more than 10 days and there are those that say the formation of government will take more than three months in which event it may be next year before Iraq can end it's caretaker government status and seat a new government.
Chattels Iraq loses half of its agriculture
Editorial Date: 2018/8/3 23:25 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=76384
The Agriculture Ministry revealed on Friday that the country's agricultural sector had been hit by 50 percent drought and lack of water revenues.
"The agricultural sector was affected by the drought and the lack of water revenues entering the country during the summer season," said Undersecretary Mahdi al-Qaisi.
"The damage will negatively affect the agricultural plan for the winter season, which the ministry is still working on," he said.
"The damage in the summer season will reduce the cultivated areas during the winter plan," Qaisi said.
The government decided last June to ban the planting of eight crops, including rice, corn and cotton, because of the water crisis.
For years, Iraq has been suffering from a steady decline in water revenues through the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, due to lack of rainfall in the winter season.
Iraq depends on water security mainly on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and their tributaries.
Chattels   3 Iraqi cities within the highest temperature in the world
Release date: 2018/8/3 18:03 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=76379
According to the report, three of Iraq's 15 cities have occupied the world's highest temperature centers.
The city of Khanaqin ranked eighth, Basrah in 11th place, Nasiriyah in 12th place.
chattels   What is that temperature ? 110 degrees yesterday. Averages 111-112 in July.
chattels   " Admin Bill " has returned with a new narrative as to an " RV ". After predicting an event for months on end, he now says it is " process " driven and not predictable.
Spectra   And this admin Bill? i have no idea who you are talking about when you say that name...
Spectra  is this person a person of great knowledge?
Spectra  ok so its some kind of dinar Guru..never heard of him
Chattels  Gold hits its lowest level in 10 years
chattels   Hakim stresses the importance of choosing a prime minister who meets the criteria of strength, firmness and courage
chattels  Hakim does not mention Abadi.
He called on the big winning blocs to nominate their candidate for the post of prime minister clearly and those who meet the specifications. He pointed to the need for strong equation, which includes a strong alliance between the winning forces, a strong prime minister and a strong ministerial unit supported by a strong parliamentary majority.
chattels" ............... a strong alliance between the winning forces, a strong prime minister and a strong ministerial unit supported by a strong parliamentary majority."
Chattels   He does not mention curing cancer and world peace.
Spankie   chattels- lol- lately u have had a good sense of humor- jokes the other day were very funny
Spankie   Baxta aka ten cent
Baxter   yep and proud of it...
Baxter   wish I had it
Chattels   UNHCR announces the start of the re-counting of stations canceled in seven provinces tomorrow

Editorial Date: 2018/8/4 14:37 • http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=76396
chattels   "the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned on Sunday will be re-counting and sorting of canceled stations, which was previously the Board of Commissioners had previously canceled and are already in the Baghdad International Fair by re-examination and examination, which are the provinces of [Kirkuk - Sulaymaniyah - Erbil - Dohuk - Nineveh - Salahuddin - Anbar] ".
Doug_W  Baxter U must have the "Dime" touch
Baxter   LOL.. yes I do...
Doug_W   Midas would be proud!
chattels   Doug_W Baxter is " Mr. Midas ". :)
Doug_W   yes
chattelsThe " Dimester " :)
Doug_W   lol good one
Baxter   I pray my Dime someday comes to fruition...
Doug_W   I have my fingers crossed that should help
Baxter   yep

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