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Thursday, August 2, 2018


Baxter  I read that Karbala article 3 times...
Baxter  to me... its just another article that looks like a long time process..
LeLe  Baxter it's a Dan call today ;clap
Baxter  ok
Baxter  LeLe... is garys 48 hours up???????????????????????
Baxter  seems so
LeLe  Yeah it's gone and almost come again.
Baxter  I just dont understand why Gary says such things...
Baxter  Do you honestly believe that Iraq or the CBI is going to do anything with their currency when they dont even have a formed government in place??

LeLe  Baxter me either. Hard to listen too. I don't get excited over his calls. Those older ladies that be on every call is driving themselves crazy trying to figure out the date :laugh
Baxter  How in the world... without being in Article 8 status... can they expect Iraq to do anything.... I have read up on this .. and every country in the world that is international is in Article 8 status..
Baxter  I dont listen to all of their calls... but when I get the code.... if I am not doing anything .. I do...
Baxter  I may tonight..
LeLe  Baxter honestly they can put it all together if they are forced to.
Baxter  but Dans rantings.... I cant take much of...
LeLe  Baxter I like the Wednesday calls no fluff and no bull.
LeLe  Baxter I think he wears his feelings on his shoulders. Regardless of his past I think he's a good guy.
Baxter  I honestly dont believe you will see much at all happen at least till they get a govt formed..and that wont be until at least October
Baxter  they dont even have the ballots counted yet... then there is another 30 days to ratify them
1 Aug 18, 04:42 PM LeLe  Baxter that's what articles are saying. I've seen articles state things that had be done.
Baxter  yep... and you know what...
Baxter  there are MORE elections coming in the near future.
Baxter  and they dont even have this one done yet
LeLe  Baxter I know I'm going to get beat up over this. But if we are waiting on Iraq we'll be here until the cows come home. I personally don't think it's in their hands.
Baxter  well... Im not going to beat you up at all.... but I do believe its in their hands...and there may be a GCR of some sort in the Middle East over all of this... but world wide..... no way
Baxter  there is nothing wrong with our economy...
Baxter  unemployment...stock market....all in excellent shape
Baxter  Trump is getting this trade mess straightened out... just wait and see
Baxter  stockmarket is up 40% since Trump took office..
 LeLe  Baxter wars are bankers wars. Power plays. North Korea was for reason. Russia for a reason. You'll see Trump Yowers all over the World. This is my opinion.
Baxter  well... someday maybe we will find out...
LeLe  Baxter we are going to see a housing bubble. It's a sellers market right now. I wouldn't buy a home now. They are too high.
Baxter  you got that right....
Dave  Baxter yes tariffs levied against Canada for acts in supporting terrorism.....
Dave  Trumps states we have 275% tariff on diary.....to the.US
Baxter  Dave... speaking of dairy.... a gallon of milk at our walmart today.. was 84 cents..
Baxter  thats 2% milk
Baxter    sure is...
Baxter  its normally about 1.50
Dave  not Canadian then.....
Baxter  I dont think so
Dave  4 bucks or more here
Baxter  thats what it is in florida
Baxter  I dont understand it
Baxter  same brand too.. at walmart
Baxter  great value milk...
Dave  GREED/
Baxter  must be..
Dave  all the old folks in FL need to keep their calcium up ....supply and demand
Baxter  yep..
Baxter  Milk and pop down there is a lot higher
Dave  we pay more for our wood than you do.....
Baxter  that could be..
Dave   IS....
Baxter  a good quality 2X4 here at lowes... is about 2.50
Dave  we get the seconds....
Baxter  I built a 12X 24 building with a wood floor last year.. and all the material was right at 4000 dollars
Baxter  no windows... just a garage door and a standard door  vinyl sided
Dave  Cheap
Baxter  shingles were more than I thought they would be.... but I didnt shop around much... winter was a comin
Dave  We pay our millworkers .."floor sweeper" over 40.00 hr ....pension benefits all the perks
Baxter  wow...    no wonder its expensive
Dave  part of the reason....very poor mamagement
LeLe  Doug_W share Pat's and those guys article I'm not a social media gal. Lol
Doug_W  LeLe I can't U have to have FB and then I can give U the link to join
Spectra   KTFA-POST----The Iraqi dinar exchange globally on Wednesday))))
Baxter  is my DIME in there somewheres...
Baxter   says 1197... NO CHANGE
Baxter  that means.. my DIME is still a * DIME
Spectra  unfortunatly
Baxter  i know
Spectra  They word the article like its suppose too get us jumping up and down..
Baxter  they sure do.. I had to take a second look myself
Spectra  Globally ......wow weee..whopi
Spectra  Baxter its not that big of a deal
dinard  wow KTFA sells currency too.
Spectra  ;ha-Ha: ;ha-Ha: ;ha-Ha: ;ha-Ha: ;ha-Ha:
Baxter  yep
Spectra  dinard they always have
Baxter  frank does a little bit of everything
Spectra  Baxter dont forget the song and dance routine
Baxter  yep
Spectra  lol
dinard  shouldnt that be illegal? i mean if i sold someone a turd with a promise it was going to be valuable isnt that like some sort of scam?
dinard  or is selling turds like that legal too?
Spectra  dinard no it should not be illegal
Spectra  dinard if a person buys dinars its by their own choce ...Why do we need goverments hands on everythign???Are we not big boys and girls?
Spectra  dinard bottom line no body is braking their ARMs too make them buy anything....
dinard  i mean its taking advantage of naive people. what if the person was special ed and they preyed upon that. i dont like govt hands on stuff i guess.but it is quite devious
Spectra  dinard then naive people need too grow up .......no its not taking advantage of a ADULT ........do you want the casinos closed then???????? ????????why they say i might win money???????? ????or the lottery??????..
dinard  thats a whole lot of question marks there lol
Spectra  dinard Big Brother we need less of...
dinard  im aware sheesh dont attack me for asking a question lol
Spectra  these people have minds of their own if they want too blow their money they can go blow it in a casino with the promise of riches....
dinard  they sell nutritional products too with a very lame name lol
Spectra  dinard and by the way nobody is attacking you....
dinard  what do you think of the diplomat i kind of know saying he doesnt forsee dinar RV
dinard  idk if hes lying or not or if hes not allowed to say if it is happening or hes telling the truth
Spectra  dinard What diplomat?
Spectra  SO WHAT
dinard  A US diplomat too iraq
Spectra  dinard WHERE DID YOU SEE THAT?
dinard  i know a person whos father is a diplomat
dinard  i had my friend ask him
Spectra  dinard so your telling me you know someone who's father is a diplomat and says he doesnt see a RV?
dinard  i believe he was just in iraq too
dinard  yes that is correct
dinard  hes some sort of nobel peace prize winner too or something idk
Spectra  dinard well since its second hand news .....A FRIEND OF A FRIEND ...and besides even diplomats dont know?
dinard  Spectra its first hand for me lol
Spectra  dinard im not changing my mind ive been in this for too long now and everything i was told has come true ...i need no prooof of any thing
dinard  a friends father. and idk but his opinion should carry at least some weight right?
Spectra  dinard when my husband first got our family i this he knew exactly something could occur 2012
Spectra  dinard he was told
dinard  not trying to change minds just trying to digest intel
Spectra  so i never came into the scene until 2012 but had my dinar since 2003
Spectra  dinard youve got your way of seeing things ...no problem if it works for you thats fine
dinard  i think he would know more than you and i though
Spectra  dinard ive got mine ...and no one can change me ....
dinard  closed minds are not healthy
Spectra  dinard my mind is not closed.....too the contrary....i just know what i know....
Spectra  dinard and its nothing i want too share again ive done this too many times
dinard  lol ok.
Spectra  my story is mine besides ..My life exsperiences only mean the most too me 

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