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Wednesday, August 8, 2018



Performance of the brokerage firms...for the month July 2018 in accordance with the criteria of theEUROPIAN UNION-Asian stock exchanges...……


Frank26:  YES ......................... THERE IS ALSO SOME MOVEMENT .........

Yenglish:  I asked God, "Why are you taking me through troubled water?" He replied, "Because your enemies can't swim."

Yenglish:  When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.


Don961:  We shall see what unfolds won't we ... think serious lessons have been learned ... their games are well-known .... any nefarious actions and transactions will be monitored and traced ... imo

Looting Iraqi dollars and dollars and turning them into Tehran .. Iran saves its economy from sanctions by impoverishing Iraq and spoiling it

 Tuesday, 07 August 2018
Special / Baghdad - Writings

There is no hope for Iran to escape from the US sanctions except by non-stereotypical movements, following the policy of flogging others, stealing their resources and destroying their economy before it touches the green and green American fire. Tehran decided only to act quickly to confront the severe US sanctions. Since 2003, it has extended its hand to withdraw. (Strategic treasure), Iraq, perhaps as usual covers the failures of its rulers and does not matter here the size of the losses that affect Iraq.

The smuggling of the dollar from Iraq

These decisions begin with Tehran's decision to lift the Iranian government's decision to prevent the exchange offices from buying and selling the dollar, and allowed it to resume its activity in a government decision issued on 6/8/2008, one day before the imposition of severe US sanctions, Of foreign markets and their introduction into Iran, measures designed to protect the Iranian currency hit by the collapse against the dollar.

But for those who do not know, these two resolutions open the door to smuggling from Iraq wide, so according to most of the economic forecasts, the Iraqi markets will witness in the coming days a significant increase in the price of the dollar as a result of smuggling to Iran.

Exchange offices working for Tehran

Here, the exchange offices, which are mainly Iranian engaged in Iraq, will bring the dollar out of the Iraqi street and participate strongly in the dollar auction to buy it and smuggle it to Iran. Here, the biggest economic scandals that can happen to a country in history are achieved!

The second thing is that Iran will rid Iraq of its wealth and inflame gold prices in the Iraqi markets. Iraqi media will say that the rise is due to the increase in marriages before the coming of Muharram, but the truth is that gold prices will rise as a result of smuggling to Iran.

Treasure of Alibaba

Certainly, Iraq has become an endless treasure for Alibaba for the Iranians, as long as the lifeline of Iran during the rule of Nuri al-Maliki for eight years ..

However, as soon as Maliki came out, Iran accepted the negotiations. Now, with renewed sanctions, Iran will move its strategic economic arm in Iraq to pull the dollar out of Iraq's markets and also to smuggle gold. , And will be those actions under the guise of the pilgrimage season and the purchase of the dollar by pilgrims and travel companies and the wedding season before entering the month of Muharram.

There have been calls from sincere Iraqis specializing in the economy appeals to the masses of Iraqis to address such actions that would impoverish Mesopotamia for decades to come and waste a lot of resources.   link



Samson:  Without the trial of Maliki and his corrupt faction the demonstrations will not stop

8th August, 2018

Iraqi leader in the coalition, Ayman al-Shammari, on Wednesday warned political blocs to nominate for Prime minister and re-divide ministries, showing that the return of old faces and the accountability of Maliki and his corrupt faction will keep the protests going.

"The national space means that there should be an independent technocratic government, which will allow the House of Representatives to monitor and hold it accountable," the Al-Shammari said, stressing that "politicians should be aware of this".

"Government censorship is an element of pressure on the ministers to work diligently and sincerely for the country," he said, calling for blocs Political "failure to advance to the prime Minister, the fact that the people are refusing to do so."

The leaders of the other coalition, supported by Sadr leader Moqtada Sadr, pointed out that "the demonstrations in the southern and central governorates of Iraq will continue if the political faces themselves and the al-Maliki and his faction are not held accountable Corrupt, "He stressed," the consensus on corruption will be the master of the situation with those faces."

The winning political blocs are engaged in dialogues among themselves To reach understandings on the formation of the larger parliamentary bloc, which constitutes the new government.

Sources familiar with the negotiations revealed in press statements that "the Shiite parties are divided around the support of Haidar Abadi than in the second mandate, and there is a determination to renew it, but the rejection is also no less powerful From the other side, which has deepened the differences within the Shiite parties.

"Demonstrations and pickets continue in their fourth week, in the governorates of central and southern Iraq, to demand a change in the political system, the amendment of the Constitution, the transfer of corrupt people to the judiciary and the services.    LINK

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