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Sunday, July 29, 2018

"Word from my Currency Holder" by Vee, 29 JULY

This may mean something.. ( side note ,looking at the date above if numbers - numerology mean anything I think the day may be ..8-8-18 or 8-18-18 ? just a thought) 

Thu 7/26/2018 5:41 PM

"Hi ....... (Vee), 

There are more changes coming to the layaway program and you will be notified in the next 10 days of those. 

For now nothing is changing and your business with us will resume as usual. 

A representative from our company will be contacting all customers with the changes coming next week once we have all the details from our attorneys and the regulators.

Thank you for your patience."


On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 3:42 PM (Vee) wrote:

Hi again.. so I guess the only option is one option a 30 day.. 

can I ask what federal law has made you only offer one set period of time ? 

would you know why they might had changed it ? Anyway .. money order sent today... should arrive Monday .. hum that rhymed ..

Subject: Re: Hi guys. layaway question

Hi .... (Vee)

Sorry we no longer offer a 45 day layaway program.

We are making changes to the layaway program to comply with federal laws that effect them.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Your free to purchase a 30 day plan if you wish.

Thank you,


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