Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Realistic Expectations" by Truthseeker, 11 JULY

I understand Currency Holders being frustrated, but we must be realistic. With that said no one knows if or when the RV/GCR will occur, no one! What I find frustrating is the number of Currency Holders who feel compelled to complain to the world that the PTB are delaying or keeping them from exchanging or redeeming their speculative currencies. Are you kidding me? Really? In my 8+ years of being on this journey, I have NEVER come across a single person who was given any kind of guarantee. Have you? I understand there are many Currency Holders in financial destitute, but purchasing speculative currencies with the hopes of “all your problems will go away overnight”, is just not realistic. I do expect the RV/GCR to occur, but I have no clue when. Now with that said; I doubt anyone knows the actual plan other than a select few individuals who will NEVER leak out that information!

My advice to Currency Holders is make good use of the downtime. Spend time with your loved ones. Create a plan for all scenarios, both calm and chaotic. IMO ALL Currency Holders should have a plan and be prepared for whatever gets thrown their way. 

Keep faith, and never stop praying!


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