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Manaolana3 » July 5th, 2018

Best one-liners from CC: (7-2-18)

PCC in Iraq testing outside the borders...interest demand for IQD

Trump, "We need fair and reciprocal trade"

Trump, "Level the playing field"

Trump, "Stop leeching on my currency...get your own currency...an asset-backed currency"
Country after country depegging from our currency and going asset-backed with their own currency; they are all getting on the band-wagon so they are not left out of international trades

USN visible now...aggressive

USN not physical, digital only

USN asset-backed...has value

USN traded internationally, but not domestically

Pegging must be apples to apples

USN moving with IQD and investors seeing the movements, buy/sell

Walkingstick, "Look at the currencies that are pegged to the USN...level the playing field."
USD will go away

Iraq removed from FATF list...not subject to monitering

IQD is financially trustable...our currency is to be taken seriously

IQD is on a fast pace to go international

Hazen » July 5th, 2018

question: does the IQD have to wait for the other currencies in the basket to RI???

Rommy14 » July 5th, 2018

Just to be certain, are you inferring other currencies need to RI? If not, what would the RI be waiting for? In my opinion, per Monday’s CC and TeamChat, the USD was the last currency in the basket of currencies to become asset backed - USN. Both the USN and IQD PCC are testing internationally - at low volumes. There is no more waiting. There is - watching. We keep our eyes on the Fantastic Four. When the Fantastic Four give the nod then we watch the CBI then watch Forex. Everything is in position. Again, all in my opinion.

Iobey77 » July 5th, 2018

YES!!! I totally agree, Rommy! The stage is set..the basket is full..IMO...it's TIME for the real FIREWORKS show!! Light em up CBI, Trump, and Frank!!! Let's see that International rate and the full "prom dress" of Iraq!!

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