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Sunday, July 29, 2018


SlappySquirrel:   If the steps for the RI were completed in the 1st quarter, and they are implementing that in the 2nd quarter, why are we going into the 2nd month of the 3rd quarter ?????(august) . We were told to respect the 1st quarter, we did... now we've respected the 2nd quarter and part of 3.... where does this end???

ChrisC:  IMO, this ends when The Man makes a deal with Iran, or resolves the banking situation, or resolves whatever other very serious problem is holding this up.  I no longer believe this is about Iraq.  They could have counted the votes ten times by now if they were using their fingers and toes.  I will say though that I personally believe whatever is being done is for our good.  I believe in Trump and I know he wants this to be a win for everybody, but especially us.  As frustrating as this is, just occupy your mind with something else, if you can, for awhile and I believe they will resolve it soon.

SlappySquirrel:  Agreed Chris we are waiting on the new GOI article to come out but they are holding off on releasing....for various reasons I'm assuming as that will be the BIG domino that knocks the rest down... imo imo imo


MilitiaMan: Article: “Abadi's policy is to launch a new package of measures to meet the demands of demonstrators”  LINK

We have been told to look for this word to come as a precursor to our investment.  The launch of paying dues should grab ones attention. Pay dues with what? Tammimi spoke of a new economy and with new paper. I am not saying this is the second article, but, it sure fits the bill as one that may lead the way for it!! imo ~ MM

""There is a key word in the 2nd article and it is "LAUNCH". Frank26


Get1Later:  Iraq....try this WILD IDEA!!! Change your rate and you'll have Countries and Companies BEGGING to invest in your infrastructure ..... Then you won't have to BEG surrounding countries for "temporary fixes" (SMH)

Iraq Sets Up A Map To Link Its Electricity With The Gulf States
Jul 29, 2018

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said there had been significant progress in talks with Saudi Arabia to supply the country with electricity.

“His country is trying to reach an electric link with the Gulf states,” an Iraqi foreign ministry spokesman was quoted as saying.

He added that “we have a clear road map for the electric connection with the Gulf states,” saying that “the understandings coming with the Gulf countries will go beyond the subject of electric linkage.”

The Iranian government has cut the power supply line to the southern provinces of Iraq, causing a major crisis that has developed into popular protests.

The Iraqi government has decided to supply Kuwait with fuel for power plants as a temporary solution that would lead to agreements between Baghdad, Riyadh and Kuwait to provide Iraq with electricity instead of Tehran, which faces difficult economic conditions after Washington imposed economic sanctions.


Samson:  The allocation of 110 million dinars to compensate teachers in the region

2018/7/28 20:21
"All the teachers and teachers who were appointed in 2006 will be compensated for the bonuses they did not receive," said Sulran Omar, director general of the Halabja Education Agency.
"According to a press statement," because of the difference in allowances for teachers and teachers who were appointed in 2006, and about 180 teachers, the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan region to compensate them starting Sunday." 

He added that "the amount allocated as compensation for teachers of 110 million dinars," pointing out that "the Directorate prepared a list of names of those covered by compensation."   LINK

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