Wednesday, July 11, 2018



Blinkster:  Peeps, a friend of mine found this on the Govt of Iraq Twitter PAGE:

First. this statement posted by PM Abadi today 7/10/18:

"PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I will travel to Brussels later to meet with leaders and heads of government attending the NATO Summit to discuss enhanced training for Iraqi forces and to share Iraq's considerable experience in fighting terrorism."

Gee, I believe President Trump will be there as well. I don't think it would be Abadi going, if he hasn't captured a second term as PM of Iraq, IMO. I also believe, IMO, that Abadi will be in his second term as PM when this meeting takes place. IMO.

But I happened to find this below the above post, scrolling past that post and found maybe even more importantly, three or more statements about TODAY 7/10/18 being the first anniversary of the liberation of Mosul (!!!):

"PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Today we mark the first anniversary of the liberation of Mosul which Daesh declared as the capital of their fake state, but the Iraqi people defeated them"

There are at least four posts there confirming this anniversary date, some with pics posted. 

Friends, there it is. As Frank/Teams accurately reported, Mosul was DONE long before late Sept/Oct of 2017 as the press would have had us believe. July 10 2017 was the date of the defeat of Daesh in MOSUL... which means PRESS MANIPULATION of timelines and reporting!!!!

I think in fairness to Frank & Teams, this needs to be seen!!

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