Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Iobey77 » July 2nd, 2018

IMO, I want to see more talk of those LD's and their pictures from the CBI! I also want to see that FINAL article telling us EVERYTHING!

Seems it's been kinda quiet about these things since the elections have finished. IDK, but I am thinking the "talk" about parliament is just that..talk! IMO, it's time to get things set up and this new gov't running full force with a NEW INTERNATIONAL RATE!

We have seen the "evidence", IMO, that they are international, we have seen the "evidence" they have RI'd "in country" ....it's high time we see the proof of it(IMO, we already have) and that they are open to the world with their NEW INTERNATIONAL RATE free from restrictions!!

In other words...it's SHOW TIME!! IMO!!!

Dinardiva1 » July 2nd, 2018

Imo Iraq has shown us all there cards on being international. We are waiting for some one else to hit the button!!!

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