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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Insight   I am trying to get this straight. I heard they are going to delete the zeros off the dinar before the RV. If that's true it will have a big a definitely have a negative impact
Spectra   Insight who knows ...no one knows nothing
Insight   Then I guess I'm on the wrong site.
Spectra   Insight your fine
Spectra   Insight just because someone does not agree with you doesnt mean someone else wont

Spectra   Insight hope you come back...Dont let anyone chase you off
InsightI just need to find a site with insight. In 2010 I was shipping used cars over there for 4 years. Got to know some really good peeps. Unfortunately they got killed in tribal conflict. I have a trunk load of dinar with no inside contacts
Spectra  ;ha-Ha:
Spectra   Insight Hmm WEird story
Doug_W   Insight feel free to stay here and ask all the Q's U want to
Spectra  Insight is this fact or fiction???
Spectra   Insight got admit its a strange story
futuremoney   Insight sadly, there is not a site in dinarland that has real "insight", we all read articles and news out of Iraq and guess,,,thats all
Dave   futuremoney Ditto that
Insight   Fact a very good friend and his son in law who spoke Arabic got us started. We actually bought and sold rebar to Iraqi cars were just one thing they asked for.
Insight   Knowing who your dealing with..... they are in no hurry
Doug_W   this is teh kind of fishing I miss from back home U can see it IF U have F B

Insight   I will check it out thanks to all
Doug_W   Insight hurry back now
Insight   I'll touch base
Insight   Doug_W where is back home?
Doug_W   where teh St Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario in NY State
Doug_W   a little village called Cape Vincent
Chattels   Up the creek without a creek: What’s causing the Middle East water crisis? By Hannah Lynch
Hennessy   Monday, 30 July, 2018 Iraqis Lose Millions of Dollars Worth of Deposits in Iran’s Banks - A large number of Iraqi citizens lost more than half of their money in Iranian banks due to the current economic crisis in Tehran and the rapid decline of the rial's exchange rate, as the country braces for the re-imposition of US sanctions.
Iranian banks dictate that Iraqi citizens, who want to deposit money, must convert it to the national currency. They cannot withdraw the amount, in Iranian rial as well, until a year after making the deposit.
Iraqi politician and investor Mazin al-Eshaiker wrote on his Facebook page about the collapse of the currency: "The price of the note (one hundred dollars) today on the black market reached one million Iranian rials!"
HopeyD   Good afternoon all...Has Baxter's Semi pulled up yet?
Baxter   Its a comin Hopey...I can see the headlights....
Baxter   PTR today.... said within a few days... or coming soon.... ;$$$
Spectra   Baxter thats a train coming when see the lights i....watch out...
Baxter   You know.. you could be right

Spectra   lol
Spectra   Baxter youll have a whole C17 full of dimes when this is done...GLOBEMASTER.
Baxter   It would take me the rest of my life to count them..
Spectra   and that as you know is a big daddy
Spectra   ok im going too listen too FRANK AFTER THE SPEEL.
Baxter Oh.. thx...
Spectra   i hate waiting for him
Baxter   me too
Spectra   lol   Spectra   i think most do
Baxter   I need a funny one tonight
Chattels    Iraq remains in the "b" international credit rating .. high debt repayment in foreign currency risk
Monday 30 July 2018 | 22:52   Said "Fitch" International Foundation credit ratings, Monday, he kept classified Iraq unchanged at " B -" with a stable outlook.
She added , "Fitch", in a statement seen "Eye of Iraq News" on it, it is classified as confirmed to the risk of default on debt in foreign currency in the long term, when " B -" means a high risk.
She noted that the classification of Iraq, is restricted as a result of weak governance, political risks high and the banking sector is evolving.
The face of the Iraqi economy and its banking sector, the risks associated with political and security tensions that the country has witnessed since 2003.
According to "Fitch", that Iraq still faces political risks, insecurity, among the highest levels faced by any sovereign body of the institution is classified. Read more at
chattels   Courtesy DinarAlert
chattels   " .............. confirmed to the risk of default on debt in foreign currency in the long term, when " B -" means a high risk."
chattels   " ............. the classification of Iraq, is restricted as a result of weak governance, political risks high and the banking sector is evolving."
chattels   " ............ Iraq still faces political risks, insecurity, among the highest levels faced by any sovereign body of the institution is classified."
chattels   It is articles like the foregoing authored by objective third parties that make me think that despite the positive ideation and proclamation we see / hear from Iraqis in news articles authored by Abadi or Alak, etc. that there remains a very real difference in Iraq between reality and rhetoric. It is harder to " walk the walk than talk the talk".
Any conventional economic analysis appears to augur against any near term value to the IQD, It is Iraq and arguably therefore unpredictable, but in my view Iraq cannot unilaterally declare greater value to their currency. It is likely that value must be determined / accepted by the international financial market. ​
Chattels   The notion that the current rate / valuation of the IQD is artificial and can simply be restored to a value prior to 2003 arguably fails to consider the amount of currency in circulation now as opposed to then.
chattels    I continue to be hopeful and optimistic against all prior experience and better judgment. I will finish the race.
chattels   Insanity, eh ?
chattels   Dollar exchange rates in Iraq on Monday  30/07/2018   Economy News _ Baghdad
The exchange rate of the dollar, Monday, stabilized against the dinar in the local currency market.
According to the figures received by "Economy News" the price of selling the dollar in Baghdad today 119 thousand and 500 and the purchase price 120 thousand and 500 dinars to 100 dollars. http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=13066
chattels    Is it accurate to observe that the disparity between the several bourses in Iraq is much diminished ? Pehaps uniformity in the rates within Iraq is important to our event ?
dinardI   'm sick of Iraq lol perhaps if they had the right to bear arms there would be a whole lot less corruption

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