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Saturday, July 28, 2018


Spectra     (((KTFA)))------The Central Bank announces the lifting of all global barriers imposed---
Author: Sabah  Date: 7/28/2018   The topic has been rated by 0 readers
BAGHDAD (KUNA) - The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) announced that its measures against currency smuggling, money laundering and terrorism financing have been praised by international financial organizations and the International Monetary Fund, calling for lifting all barriers previously imposed on Iraq.
Al-Hadithi: continue to return money smuggled from abroad

Baghdad / conscious / morning   The Central Bank of Iraq revealed that its measures against currency smuggling, money laundering and terrorism financing have been praised by international financial organizations and the International Monetary Fund, calling for lifting all barriers previously imposed on Iraq.
The director of financial operations and debt management at the Central Bank of Iraq Mohammad Dagher told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar is stable for the past six months," denying what some media reported an increase in demand to buy the dollar During the current year to smuggle to some neighboring countries,
noting that «in the month of June, sales of the dollar in the Central Bank of Iraq to half of monthly sales for the months preceding (April, March and February)», also confirming the decline in sales of the dollar in the first half of this year 2018 to w Last year's sales of 2017.
Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's media office, confirmed that the government is continuing its work to recover the smuggled money, in addition to the financial assets found in international banks.
Al-Hadithi said in a press statement: "The government is seeking to recover all the Iraqi funds that are in the international banks, both under the former regime and in the current period." He added that "there has been ongoing work and discussions since last y
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Ranger    I see Frank is getting the family riled up over news that came out 3 weeks ago
chattels    David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1
Jul 26  Iraqi political source says discussions on forming new government are stalled due to protests. Main election winner Sadr’s Sairoon Coalition hesitates between political negotiations & joining protests since Sadr supported protests with same goals in past. http://wataniq.com/news?ID=31624
chattels     It is ironic that Sadr may now be perceived as part of the government elite that he opposed and that the people are protesting against.
Baxter     BOY... we are lively tonight..

opeyD    Baxter Good Evening Baxter....I was doing laundry today (boring I know) but as I was transferring laundry to the dryer you'll never guess what I found....Yep...a dime ..Could this be the rascally dime you have been searching for??? Lol
Baxter   LOL... that could be it... you are better than I
 HopeyD    Baxter OMG Bax...do you know what a lucky find that is??? After all you only asked me to look 2 days ago  ..Wow I'm speedier than the CBI...LOL...I am on the floor
Baxter    LOL.... yes.. a lucky find for sure... you keep it handy... they are hard to come by
HopeyD    Baxter I'll be sure to put it in my   bank ...
Baxter    yes.. dont spend it
Baxter    You may have to express mail it to me...
JoeSchmoe     What if you wulda found a silver dollar???
JoeSchmoe    Or a 2 dollar bill
HopeyD    Baxter if I express mail it...Bax it better be worth more than the postage
Baxter    You know.... I think a fed ex overnight now is about 45 dollars
Baxter    really expensive
Baxter    I used to overnight contracts fed ex for ten bucks..
Baxter    by the way... whoever brought that in the other night...about all the planes landing in RENO... it was a lie
JoeSchmoe   was one of them okies plane?
Baxter    LOLL... probably
Baxter    I checked flightaware... nothing unusual on landings and takeoffs
Baxter    plus I saw a post on another site... they said the same thing
JoeSchmoe     surprised anyone seasoned in this actually checked lol
HopeyD    Oooh I only have 1 $2 bill...I think it says Silver Certificate...something certificate...been years since it's seen the light of day!
HopeyD    Weird stuff happens in Reno...lived there for 17yrs.
Baxter    really.... you saw a lot of dimes then
JoeSchmoe     what about the last 13 years,any dinar related landings?? Lmao
Baxter    doesnt look like it
Baxter    im still here
JoeSchmoe   lines at banks etc
HopeyD     Baxter More nickles...I once played a nickel machine...it broke and paid me $150 in nickles
Baxter    I always played nickel machines in vegas..
Jimmy Lee    Baxter yesterday.. I bought 28 90% Roosevelt dimes


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