Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"Fulford: Quantum Financial System Ready" by Sierra (NZ) , 10 JULY

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 1:11 AM EDT on July 10, 2018

Benjamin Fulford's latest report confirms the Quantum Financial System - and the confirmation comes from Pentagon sources. Scroll down the report to find the paragraph I have quoted...


'...As things now stand, according to Pentagon sources: "The asset-backed quantum financial system is ready but awaits the Trump-Putin summit, the global financial reset, mass arrests and geo-political resolutions".'

It is reassuring to read about the Quantum Financial System (QFS) via a traditional journalist like Ben Fulford. It shows that QFS is not a flaky 'tin hat' concept - it is a real financial system being discussed by the Pentagon.

It's a big week for President Trump. He flies to Brussels for the NATO conference on 11-12th July. Then he meets with British PM Theresa May and the Queen in London on 13th July. Finally he meets with Putin for their important summit in Finland on 16th July.

I would like to be an observer at all of those historic meetings. I sense a whiff of cabal capitulation. Bring it on!

I am sensing that the currency exchange will be a mixture of 3D/5D technology and methods, so as not to overwhelm currency holders. Whatever method is utilized for your exchange, please know that the process will be effortless. In fact, it will be enjoyable.

There is nothing to be concerned about. Keep your vibration positive and loving and you will match the incoming energies of abundance.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light

Sierra (NZ)

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