Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Clare:  WOW!!! Frank, Walkingstick, Delta, AG & Teams...you ROCKED THE HOUSE TONIGHT!!!!

Thanks so much! You all are really amazing! Can't get this, anywhere else!!!

How in the world do you sum up this CC?  There was so much in it.....

Frank did it best with his KONA checklist, in his words:

1.Chapter 7...Gone..most of it...Enough /wow

2. UNSC unfreezes Assets /wow

3. HM /wow

4. FATF /wow

5. Laundering Money, Counterfeiting

6. Corruption, Control /wow 

7. POS /hmmm  PCC /wow  USN /wow

8. CBI Gov. Alak, Awarded-Gov. of the Year /wow

9. Abadi - PM /wow

10. Cockroaches run to nowhere /wow

11. MasterCard

12. ATM's

13. SDR BASKET & it's Value Today

14.  No more OFAC


16. All in June 

Compression of Time...On the CUSP...ACCELERATED.... 

 A Plethora of CBI Articles, for an  RI Rainbow....

Delta (among other things) highlighted the World Bank and the importance of the financial reform to be finished... to connect the boarders electronically! That income, from the imports is very important to the GOI & CBI.

WS report: Trump & the level playing field.... USN & IQD Asset backed, ready to go in basket.... Colossal, YEP!...  combined with electronic dinar,  POS & PCC  ....things are very close....look at currencies pegged to the USD not just the IQD... 

It's all good, much in play, much in motion, that NO ONE is reading about!!!

Short take..... Alak, got Kudos for a Monetary Policy that Shabbi, wrote the book on, a Monetary Policy that reared itself in the EU.... the need to know Global, is well aware of a timeline!

Without a doubt...America & Iraq, ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! It's happening right in front of us as we were told......LOVE IT!!!

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