Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Frank26 "The RI Rainbow", 4 JULY

1. Chapter 7...Gone..most of it...Enough /wow  2. UNSC unfreezes Assets /wow  3. HM /wow  4. FATF /wow  5. Laundering Money, Counterfeiting  6. Corruption, Control /wow  7. POS /hmmm  PCC /wow  USN /wow  8. CBI Gov. Alak, Awarded-Gov. of the Year /wow  9. Abadi - PM /wow  10. Cockroaches run to nowhere /wow  11. MasterCard  12. ATM's  13. SDR BASKET & it's Value Today  14.  No more OFAC  15. Sound of INTERNATIONALISM  16. All in June.   Compression of Time...On the CUSP...ACCELERATED.... A Plethora of CBI Articles, for an  RI Rainbow..

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