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Monday, July 30, 2018

DJ: "The GCR/RV Release", 30 JULY

Once again, the jungle drums are beating with expectations of the reset beginning on July 26th going through the weekend with the public tiers beginning this coming Monday or Tuesday.

 Without falling prey to the trolling internet narratives or information received from what I would designate as valid, we should revert our attention to the bigger picture and the strategic moves implemented or are being implemented that validate the absolute necessity of a global currency reset.

The GCR/RV release cannot move forward until Zimbabwe is recognized as a Sovereign Nation.

Zimbabwe must be recognized as a Sovereign Nation by the world community which often times is initiated by a major Power Nation, such as the United States, which is expected to happen at any moment now.

The US government has already voted on US Senate Bill S5320, the ‘‘Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act of 2018’’ to recognize Zimbabwe as a sovereign nation and now it's simply awaiting president Trump's signature which is expected within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Until recognized by the world community; they can not be sanctioned; therefore, cannot legally exchange. Further, the world community (the United Nations) will probably not recognize Zimbabwe as a Sovereign Nation until after its presidential election July 30th..

China and Russia have had the intuitive foresight to recognize the impending doom of the global financial system and take measures to relieve their perspective countries exposures to financial instability.

China recognizes that the value of its currency is predicated on its demand created mechanisms of funds distribution that would ultimately integrate their currency into global markets thereby raising its’ demand . IE: the C.I.P.S. , AIIB, and BRICS . In addition, they had the foresight and vision to foster and build relationships in undeveloped and developing counties, securing the availability of future in -ground assets to strengthen their currency values.

The strategic alliance with Russian fuel and agriculture production secures their energy needs, along with their financial distribution mechanisms and establishes the means to migrate out of western banking influences and control.

Russia's gold accumulation is another indicator a global currency reset is not only inevitable, but also near

Over the past two months, Russia has sold off 85% of their dollar reserves and used the proceeds to primarily buy physical gold. They are doing this rapidly because Moscow expects the current global monetary system to change in a reset, which will see a return to gold playing a significant part in whatever new system emerges.

The reason for Moscow's rush to pull out of US T-bills and grow its reserves of gold is obvious.

A global reset will take place when the governments of the world need to rid themselves of debt, and that they will tie everything to the price of gold. At the heart of this need for a global reset is the accelerating growth of debt that has not only become unsustainable and un-payable, but also is now threatening the entire financial system since central banks are being forced to pull back their credit expansion due to the possibility of inflation.

Following the 2008 financial crisis, billions of taxpayer dollars that had been spent on bailing out the banks, combined with huge amounts of quantitative easing and reducing interest rates, resulted in advanced economies holding the highest public debt-to-GDP ratios.

To make matters worse, that debt, even now, continues to grow. Currently, global debt has risen to more than $57trillion and this has subsequently increased the ratio of debt-to-GDP globally by more than 17percent.

With global debt at these levels, the compound annual growth rate comes in at 5.3 percent, far exceeding the 3.3 percent global growth predicted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2015. In short, the world is going to struggle to pay off the interest, let alone make any meaningful dent in the debt itself.

This massive accumulation of debt around the world, combined with the fact that very little has been done to ease the global economy both in terms of household or public debt, has led many to contend that the seeds for the next economic crisis have already been sown. Some are even predicting that another global meltdown is imminent. If that is the case, it is important to understand how the world has arrived at this position. More importantly, try and figure out what will happen when the world eventually buckles under its own debt.

There has been only one industrialized country who has even bothered to pay down their debt since 2008. And that nation is Russia, who has not only paid off outstanding debts, but also has gotten their current national debt levels below $500 billion.

Which means that when you add this debt to the value of their gold reserves currently on hand, they are now completely solvent and in fact have a permanent surplus and not just an annualized budgetary one.
With a vast network of energy and agricultural production, and now gold reserves that at least place them in the top 5 in the world, point towards the fact that when the world defaults into having to perform a full monetary reset, Russia will find itself as one of the global economic powerhouses and back at their place in overseeing global events.

These strategic moves by Russia and China are preparation agendas designed to migrate into a new financial system and are some of the real indicators of the imminent global currency reset.

Viewing the successes of these strategic agendas, other countries have and are following suit in similar ways in expectation of the reset.

It is no longer an 'if' but 'when'. It will only be known when it is done, not before.


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