Monday, July 9, 2018

"Dinar/Zim Revalue" by Larbear, 9 JULY

To all in Dinarland.. I read many of the intels email. I have traded international currency with Forex and I read how many blame Trump for this delayed process and other gurus of sort. #1. Trump has nothing to do with the revaluation of currencies of Iraq or Zimbabwe, or any other country. This is all about central banking, the Rothschild clan and for Iraq's revaluation, OPEC. The Rothschilds are the Federal Reserve, IMF, International Bank of Settlements, etc.

The Revaluation will happen only by their rules and that's final. Until they are dissolved or taken out it will be by their rules. OPEC and Central Banks can fight since they are both about the same net worth. The dinar will drop zeros off their currency and will possibly go the the same value it had when Saddam was Ruler, Which was about 3.50 USD to 1 dinar. When Japan was taken over by the US and we rebuilt Japan it was the same for the yen. Remember in the 70's when people were pissed off that just about everything was made in Japan?? Just like China today.. and the complaints are amassing on China just like Japan. It took time to see the yen grow to power. Iraq is settling it debts, and will revalue. When that happens no one will read your mind, and send you your revaluation...That is like saying the devil can read my mind..and will bless you. When it happens you will not see dinar for sale anywhere for the old prices. Forex will post the daily exchange rate and you will redeem at a bank of choice or at a exchange place that can accommodate the amount you want to exchange. 

As far as the Zim, notes before 2008, older or newer will never be exchanged 1-1,. 1 USD to 1 Zim. I don't care how mineral rich Zimbabwe is, no country in its right mind will make that deal. They will change their constitution and currency before that happens. Dissolution happens even to countries, and a new government arises. 

The revaluation will not be a pipe dream like so many here are portraying.. especially the Zim. From all the research I have done and know by experience I see the Dinar as the best revaluation scenario because it's oil backed and that's all.


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