Friday, June 22, 2018

When will they get this election drama over?, 22 JUNE

When will they get this election drama over?
Going past July 1st will be very dangerous for Iraq especially if the have to go to a “provisional” govt.
In the midst of trying to get investors to buy into their 5 year re-development plan, I would place my money on July 1st.
It will not look very good if they can’t even get their government formed in a timely manner.
Remember they are not yet late.
They still have until July 1st when the current govt expires.
I would not count on anything substantial to come out of the CBI until at least after July 1st sometime.
If Abadi gets back in for a second term we may see the project to delete the zeros started up again to the final stages sooner than later.
If someone else is selected, we just might have to wait it out the full 90 days and it might be later rather than sooner.

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