Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Walkingstick: "Rate now on Forex is maybe around $1.80" , 27 JUNE

[via sunny]   PCC, by definition is a currency sold with low volumes on the FOREX.  Rate now on Forex is maybe around $1.80. A country that does a PCC is Article 14 before going to Article 8.  Testing stress of the Iraqi dinar outside of their borders.  Countries you can refer to, to see how a PCC was applied are India Rupee and China’s Yuan.  All emerging economies use a PCC to go from Article 14 to Article 8.  It means they have to convert.  Protects their reserves and contracts.  How long can a PCC go on?  Started two months ago, with jumps on the FOREX, just before 2% compliance.  $1.70- $2.00 PCC testing.  Trying to hit 3+?  That would be an RV.  We don't know exactly where we are.

THE RATE CANNOT BE ANY HIGHER THAN THE AAD (Arab Accounting Dinar) CURRENCY NUMBERS OF THE IMF = 2.5 X SDR NUMBERS (You can find this on the IMF website...)  SDR rate as of today is $1.41.  If you multiply by 2.5 you get a max of 3.52.  (can change daily...)  When it’s on the FOREX it will sell at a low volume, not the program rate.  Iraq in the ME is a trade hub and needs different value for the world Global Markets.  The key is it’s now going to be tested at a different value globally.  The RV WILL SHINE LIKE THE SUN!

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