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Sunday, June 10, 2018

URGENT: Iraqi parliament: votes burned will not be counted again, 10 JUNE

Twilight News

one hour ago

A member of the legal committee in the Iraqi parliament Zana Said said Sunday that the votes that were destroyed during the fire Rusafa stores will not be counted again according to the latest amendment to the election law. 

"The amendment to the electoral law resulted in the cancellation of all the results of electronic counting and counting, so the counting and counting of votes will be manually and the burned votes lost and will not be counted," Saeed told Twilight News. 

"Whoever did this work was aiming to lose those votes," he said. 

On Sunday afternoon, fire broke out in warehouses used by the Iraqi Electoral Commission in Baghdad to keep ballot boxes in the last legislative elections. 

According to the deputy chairman of the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council Mohammed al-Rubaie, the funds "burned completely," noting that the stores were heavily guarded.

But the Iraqi Interior Ministry, according to its spokesman Major General Saad Maan, announced that the ballot boxes did not burn during the incident. 

This comes as preparations are under way for the counting and counting of the votes of about 10 million voters, following the detection of fraud and intimidation of the elections held on 12 May last.


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