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Saturday, June 9, 2018



Uni345ty:  I would like to see some positive news today or this weekend and going to the banks on Monday

RVAlready:  Everything seems to be primed and ready….  I am hoping that the dinar and the Zim bust loose on Monday

FullSail:  the positive news is..... the planet is still spinning, we are on it on the right side of the lawn, holding a fistfull of currencies about to revalue. Keep the Faith!!!
Annie68:  Were supposed to see this before or during EID, I'll take before! All to be done by the 18th.

Briona:  I hope we get a good report from the Supreme Court, so we can put an end to this crazy election fiasco, and get on with the Monetary Reform.

LinnieQ:  Ditto Briona; AND that they don't come up with another of their illusive "reasons" or challenges to keep the RV in its never ending holding pattern. I can't figure out why they don't want it. They have the most to gain. Nothing makes sense. Nothing!
Briona:  It seems like certain people in the government, care only for their survival, and the heck with the people suffering throughout the country, and will stall and do whatever they can for their own benefit.

DSM:  Just a speculation: Christine Legarde was sitting next to POTUS at the G7 this morning.

1DeserRat:  Can you imagine the news stories next week, with all that is going on? I do see it happening while we sleep. I do see it very much as it was with Kuwait RI. Just bam and no one says anything and the world keeps on turning. Has been that way all the time through USA history.

DSM:  1desertrat...like the way you think....lol


Italy Hit By Biggest Depositor Run Since 2012

by Tyler Durden

Sat, 06/09/2018 - 12:31

In the aftermath of the recent political and market turmoil in Italy, last weekend we were surprised to report that none other than JPMorgan came to the unexpected conclusion that what Italy's Euroskeptics are hinting at, if not explicitly pushing for, namely Exitaly, may be the best option for the country, however one which would not take place without major market turbulence.

At the heart of JPM's argument is that with Italy effectively owing the Eurosystem €426BN via Target2 imbalances, it has the leverage to if not start with a clean slate, then certainly threaten to do so...


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