Saturday, June 30, 2018


Mangelo:  At my fitness center there's this girl who's parents are from Iraq... now I have been there for a year I didn't know that....anyway I talked to her about the currency and others....she said her parents bought the dinar has an investment…. when I told her it supposed to revalue this week her eyes lit up... I asked her to follow up on some questions I had and if she could back to me...

Mangelo:  so anyway, I called her up at the fitness center on Thursday and she wasn't in, so I called her on friday and her friend said that she came in all excited and made an emergency leave and told her that what we were talking about was to happen, they had gotten word from their relatives in Iraq. She said (they should) buy dinars and talk to Mangelo… So she was busy and said she would call me..... I am waiting still.......

RVAlready:  Mangelo, GREAT STORY!!! Verified from Iraq. Great relief for me

Mangelo:  rvalready I just wished I could have talked to her parents! but we should know whats going on within 24 hours

RVAlready:  Shabibi must be happy. Finally, his plan for Iraq comes to fruition…. As Shabibi said, If I were about to do this, I would never tell you....

Briona:  I think what they are hearing in Iraq, is the scurrying of ex parliament members feet as they try to elude the police.

RVAlready:  Yep, it is arrest time... Corruption is going away...worldwide...

Yada:  Because the way the reforms were delayed until after the election, a squeeze play was done on Maliki and he has no leverage.

MountainMole:  Here they “drain the pond” there they “empty the sandbox”

RVAlready:  1000 arrest warrants in Iraq...many thousands in the US

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