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Sunday, June 10, 2018


LinnieQ:  LOL. Sorry about the fire, but that is just a little TOO coincidental. Either meant to delay by forcing a recount, or to speed up by keeping the election results as counted. We'll never know.

NetGlobal:  Well if all the ballots were destroyed, they can still go with the results they have or have a do over. Does not make sense to have a do over.

ChampagneLife:  Netglobal what scares me is they don't always do what makes sense lol

Pearle:  i think the fire was to prevent a recount...im hoping...delay, stops my laughter

RVAlready:  With no ballots...the simple solution is the original vote stands. Maliki go home!!!

Briona:  Iraq's government works like they are on retirement, they will get things done when they are in the mood for it. No reason to hurry up and finish things.

Jambie67:  Cue the “chaos right before the RV”. We were told years ago the craziness at the end would be abundant. We are there, folks, IMO

Buckeyefan:  Well there was a lot of excitement in the community about UN sanctions, then the whole fire broke out sometimes we just have to laugh because it's just foolishness. But when so many remain hopeful it doesn't seem as funny. There a lot going on in the world around us folks, in our own neighborhoods stay vigilant and don't allow fear to set in, it's just a distraction at work

Pearle:  as long as they allow a reason for a delay, the rv will be delayed. they have to RV and fix the issues. that will render those trying to stop it powerless

KMAN:  Sounds like the ballot boxes are safe with only a few boxes that were lost......"The site was divided into four warehouses, said Major General Saad Maan, and only one -- housing electronic equipment and documents -- had burned down. "It is possible there were also some ballot boxes in the warehouse that caught fire, but most of the important boxes are in the three warehouses where the fire has been controlled,"

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraq names judges to take over elections commission


Tishwash:  seems some money got burned too hmmm

Witness: This is what was saved only from the Rusafa ballot boxes!

 Baghdad today A video clip showed, Sunday, a few boxes that do not exceed the number of fingers being pulled out of the fire site of the Electoral Commission stores.

Elements in the civil defense, according to the video that only this number is what was savedfrom the fire Rusafa. Earlier on Sunday, Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan announced the removal of the important ballot boxes from the fire in UNHCR warehouses in Rusafa.

Maan said that "the civil defense teams are trying to isolate the fire from three cages containing important funds containing the election results of the Rusafa side," stressing that "what was burned is a small part of the funds."

The deputy chairman of the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, Mohammed al-Rubaie, announced earlier on Sunday, the burning of ballot boxes for the parliamentary elections, which was held on May 12, the special in the Rusafa side of the capital Baghdad. Al-Rubaie said in a press statement that "the warehouses of the Ministry of Commerce, which was stored boxes of Rusafa to the Electoral Commission, burned," stressing that "the papers and funds burned completely   link

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