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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tman23 TIDBIT, 10 JUNE

Tman23    It's all about the 3 zeros , that is the million dollar speculation and nothing has changed in regards to such since the introduction of the scam.....er ...investment...LOL...I'm just hoping Kim Jong Un brings the Iraq RV button to the summit on the 12th....if he does my sources say we have a window for the 13th

IF Justify becomes the 13th triple crown winner then were in a good place...I have no doubt they are speaking about removing the 3 zeros from the notes... and that would be lower denoms...the speculation remains the same ….how will 3 zero notes be treated at exchange"...

 chattels    If i understand correctly what Tman is saying then his concern is that no one knows what " dropping the three zeroes " really means. If so, i agree. Otherwise I am confused by his remarks.

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