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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Thank you PinkRoses


Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  This is interesting, because normally we sort of start with Iraq and get bored waiting for Iraq to post a rate or put this or that in the Gazette, or put their election results in. I don’t care anymore, because it’s a done deal. It has been done.

If they want to take their time to put out their rate and let it be known internationally so be it. They are done. They have revalued in country. We know the rate. It is no secret to me. We know the rate, we know it’s good, and we know they have already done it. Let’s let Iraq go. Let’s talk about the rest of the stuff that is going on.

Bruce:  What was so good and I know a lot of people watched it. I did and I watched it until I couldn’t stay up any longer. That was the meeting that President Trump had with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. It was really important. 
It was very important and I know certain people heard certain things or read certain things to talk about that he didn’t get all he should of and this and that. I will tell you he got plenty, and he got plenty regarding us. Do you read me?

There was pretty important things that happened that you didn’t see, I didn’t, and wasn’t covered in the press that we know about that happened over there in those private meetings.

Bruce:  What was interesting was that like I said certain things occurred that were very positive for us. Even the fact that the President is on his way back now flying on Air force One coming in. He made a stopover in on Guam and he is on his way to Hawaiian Island. He is going to stop there for awhile and then head on in.

The point is that what I have heard two different things today regarding our start.

#1:  Let’s go to what occurred 3pm Eastern time today. Tier 3 got restarted and are being made hydrated or being made liquid since 3pm today. I don’t know when that will finish. I don’t think it will matter exactly. It may finish overnight tonight or tomorrow. I don’t know, but I do know we are not waiting on that to finish for us to go. I made mentioned of that on the last two calls.

Bruce:  The other thing is that we are in a really good time window since 3pm today. We also know that some people are saying that this needs to go while the President is in the air over international waters.  I have heard that before.

We also have heard things are going to happen when he touches down on US soil.  All of that is good, but all of this point to this happening imminently for us. I love that. I love the fact things are happening that are pointing toward an actual conclusion to all we are waiting for, to the blessing we will be receiving.

Bruce:  On the Forex especially yesterday, rates were coming up hesitantly. They were coming up 6, 7 minutes then they be off. Then they come back. Then it was a genuine gradual climb upwards. That was good to hear and to know about. Also we know the banks around the world, the so called Central Banks, are being changed to Global Banks.

The reason is the Global Banks will no longer have the cabal influence that we have had in the past. That is to have gone away. Those banks were realigned and upgraded with our banks over 48 hour period that started at midnight Saturday night, and was supposed to have ended at midnight Monday night last night.

That is a neat window of 48 hours where that alignment and upgrade was taking place.  We just heard earlier that the timing for this is very close and is very important as to what occurred in Singapore. It was very important that whatever happened even unreported things took place.

Bruce:  We have the rates.  We have rates repopulating and coming up. We heard today that Zim was being done was the word in Hong Kong, London and in Zurich, and I believe even though it wasn’t clarified to me, it could have been Zim Swaps that we talked about in the past  or the Zim platforms.

In any event, things are rolling.  Money has been coming in especially yesterday we had quite a bit that was flowing into the hundreds and billions of dollars.  I just feel there is plenty of liquidity for us, because you have to realize 95% of what we are going to do is going to be considered digital.

Maybe 5% that we exchange for that will be needed will be in terms of liquidity.  We heard the so called TRN or as we use to know as gold certificates were being exchanged, if you will, by the banks for USN, the new gold back dollars. That started to take place yesterday.

Bruce:  You wonder whether the Iraq dinar is complete, whether it is there, whether it has a rate there yet. Why would Iraq have 5 ships on the water full of Oil heading to the US unless they had a currency ready to utilize. They got that coming. It is on the way. I think two are arriving and 3 will be by Friday/Saturday. That is good to know.

I am sure there is more. Some of this stuff is kind of on the edge. I will say this that I feel very good where we are right now. You know I love to call it, I just can’t do it. It wouldn’t be responsible to do that, because I don’t have absolute proof but what I have is very solid.  I just want to let you know that.
Bruce:  I saw a show over the weekend on Fox. Some of you might have seen it. It is with Bob Massi, the Property Man.  He talked about a town in Orlando city limits called Lake Nona.  You guys should go online and check it out. Lake Nona I use to know it because some of the slightly older Golf Pros that were tour players were living in Lake Nona.  They had a competition that some of the Pros would play in there. It was called the Tavistock Cup.  They had been doing it for a long time. Tiger Woods played in it. A bunch of guys played in it.  It was really fun.

Bruce:  What was neat was this guy Tailstock that this Cup was named after, a builder type bought about 6,000 acres next to Lake Nona Golf Club or relative to it. This guy put this incredible design for community together down there at Lake Nona. Instead of just building houses and watching the people come in, he started with jobs, opportunities. Then added houses, hospital, open green spaces, parks and recreation areas. Then he added shopping and restaurants.  He built this community to be completely almost self sufficient where you almost wouldn’t have to leave the area.

Bruce:  What I think is really cool is we can take some of that and Bob will research it and I will.  What is cool about that is we can take some of those concepts which were designed from various areas over the world.  This is not just a Florida thing. This is something he researched very carefully all over the country and other parts of the world to come up with these designs.

What I want to do with Rebuild America is use some of these concepts to essentially redesign some parts of the country with the kind of quality that was there. You know we want to do housing, clinics, community gardens, green spaces, manufacturing, whatever job creation we can do as part of the Rebuild America program to provide jobs to give longevity, and infrastructure.  This is what we are going to do with Rebuild America.

Bruce:  Why shouldn’t we start with a concept that is considered one of the best in our country and use that as a template. Where we might have a good better best scenario that we can take something from this maybe as a starter that goes in this community.

Something from that that is a little bit bigger that goes into that town.  Then something from a larger version of what Lake Nona is  as a third concept that is more inclusive, more complete and make that sort of what we do in a larger city. We can do this and learn the design concepts and get those down and apply that as we rebuild America throughout all 50 states. Obviously Hawaii is going to be a little different.  Alaska might be a little different. Some states will vary.

Bruce:  We will be very sensitive to the architecture.  We will be sensitive to the vibe of the community there.  Not tearing down homes that don’t fit the community there. No, that is not the plan. We want to be continuant. We want synergy. We want it to flow. We want flow.  We want community living with all the things we want to bring in so that everybody and all of America can live and breathe and work so they can have their being with beautiful green spaces. Can you picture it?  Are you there with me? Are you still there?

This is getting me excited. I got excited when I found out about this Lake Nona this way.  I did not know it quite what it is. I am not promoting Lake Nona.  I am just trying to say we can take some of that and maybe I can meet Mr. Tavistock.  Maybe I can meet some of the designers and architects. Why not? Why not try to do it?
Bruce:  As we do that here, we will take the best concepts where it makes sense to other countries and give them that knowledge, know how, and technology. We haven’t even started on zero point energy and all of that.  We are going to have it. I want clean water everywhere, desalinization plants where we can do it. You know what I am talking about and where my heart is on all of this. We can make that difference.

We are the ones here at the right place at the right time to have the faith to make a go out of this. Are you going to just kick back and sip margaritas on the beach? No. That will get old real quick. You going to say how can I use what I have and help humanity at large? What projects can I do to do that? You can still enjoy your life. Of course.

Bruce:  We want everything to be what it can possibly be. We want to do this to give others that maybe who weren’t as fortunate as us give them the opportunities not only in the United States, but other countries in the Caribbean, in South and Central America, in Africa, and other parts around world the same opportunities to have very full and complete lives. I think we will do that.  I really do believe that more now than 6.5 years ago when I started the Big Call.

Bruce:  I am going to leave you with the idea taking this deep using your faith. You not given up or you still wouldn’t be here. There is no sense to do that now since we are in the last days of this or possibly hours of this. I want everyone to dig deep, grow your faith, speak the faith that have in your heart and increase it.

I want you to know we appreciate you. I hope you have enjoyed our calls. We will be in touch with you with really cool templates on how we are going to do the Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America and other ministries we haven’t forgotten about.  It is all going to come together, and I am excited. I am excited tonight than I have ever been.

Bruce:  Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and Big Call listeners all over the globe. We look forward staying in touch with you. You know the new web site is:  bigcalluniverse.com. If you are not registered, register your email because that is how we will be getting in touch with you in the very near future. Hang in there you guys. Thank you so much.


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