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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Tuesday UPDATE for June 12, 2018

Posted by RayRen98

Highlights from today's news and rumors.....

PM Abadi is against the governments' re-run of the parliamentary elections claiming that a court order is required. He is quoted as saying, "There is no turning back and the elections have taken place...a new government must be formed" and "It is not the power of the government and Parliament to cancel the election results."

Iraqi TV and newspapers are reporting that Sadr blocks have totaled 222 with the second highest at 106.

Nationalist cleric Sadr and Iranian-backed militia chief Amiri announce a political alliance today forming the largest bloc in parliament. They were first and second place respectively in the May 12 parliamentary election.

Baghdad news and billboard signs are informing the citizens of the gradual phase-out of the US dollar and that soon the ATM's will be providing all needed notes, including the lower denomination notes. Al-Fallujah, approximately 43 miles away, is reporting the same type of information.


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