Monday, June 25, 2018


First, are we in a new window of opportunity 'right now'.   When I say that, it does not mean it will happen without a doubt in this current window; it does mean that there is a very good chance for the rate to finally change...At the bottom of every update I always state:   When it happens, check the cbi.iq to verify!!   That is where I check. And if the Conversion rate is different -then it happened!  On the website today (cbi.iq) it shows:  US Dollar   US   1190...Until it changes on that website, no one will be able to go to any bank and exchange your dinar.  It has to change there FIRST.  ...Here is what I do know...

This should have been finished in May. There was an Organization, who shall remain nameless, that thought they knew better about what needed to happen in the election; and therefore did not release it as planned. That being said, our POTUS is VERY tired of waiting for this to go off. He has applied, and is still applying lots of pressure on this, along with several other major countries.  The US has been involved in the background along with the UN to resolve the Election Mess and get this rolled out for the benefit of all of us.  The Election results should be announced officially no later than the end of next week.  Shortly after that announcement, we should/will see the rate change...

What if the election does not get resolved?  From what I understand, if all goes bad and it looks like it will go forever, then POTUS is wanting this out anyway and will continue to apply pressure to get it finished. This window will remain open until around the 8th of July ...In my opinion, the pressure being applied will make this go, and will get it done much sooner.  And, if you see the "Sadr and Abadi Play Nice" speech, with them having the largest block as the Papers are indicating now, it will be much sooner...So, hang in there Everyone.  It's coming, one way or the other!!  We are close..  Every large bank will exchange..  RELAX the RV is coming... Breathe

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