Wednesday, June 20, 2018

NOMALA RASHID: It's all in black & white in the IMF papers, 20 JUNE

It's all in black & white in the IMF papers. 1. Iraq will reinstate their currency at the rate that it was shutdown at plus up to 20% for inflation. 
2. A country's currency is highest national security protected item they have! 

3. Their website cbi.iq is the only website they will have and other sites are fraudulence. 

4.Iraq will be on a managed float there after. "Kuwait taught them a lesson"

 5. Most of the low value currency countries were shutdown during illegal wars, such as Vietnam & Iraq. Vietnam was at 2.22 so, thus the sleeper. Indonesia will come up to about the Singapore dollar. Singapore stock exchange is number 3 in the world followed by the NYSE at number 4. Trump said in one line of a speech two years ago "Country's currencies around the world are out of balance and they should be on a level playing field." Be Very Careful with your money! Plan your work & work your plan!

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