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Thursday, June 7, 2018



Doc.K  :  Afghanistan announces Eid ceasefire with Taliban until June 20


JUNE 7, 2018 / 2:38 AM / UPDATED 18 MINUTES AGO


Don961:  2018-06-06

The Board of Directors of the Arab Monetary Fund intends to hold its 87th meeting

 Press Release

On Thursday, 7 June 2018

The 78th Ordinary Session of the Board of Directors of the Arab Monetary Fund will be held on Thursday, 7 June 2018, at the Fund's headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The agenda of the Board includes a discussion of developments in the Fund's activities during the second quarter of 2018, particularly lending, investment and financial performance. As well as activities related to capacity-building (technical assistance and training), within the framework of IFAD's five-year (2015-2020) strategy.

In the area of ​​lending, the topics to be reviewed include the new loans provided by the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) in response to Member States' requests to support their efforts to strengthen financial conditions and implement economic and financial reform programs, as well as IFAD's consultation missions to Member States to agree with reform authorities on reform programs ,

Supported by new loans from the Fund, or to follow up the implementation of agreed economic and financial reform programs supported by loans contracted with the Fund.

The agenda also includes a review of the technical support provided by the Arab Monetary Fund to its Member States and the training opportunities and workshops provided to Arab cadres in the economic, financial and statistical institutions in the Arab countries through its Economic Policy Institute during the second quarter of 2018.

During the meeting, the Board will also review developments in the Fund's investment activity related to the acceptance of deposits from central banks and Arab monetary institutions, the performance of investment portfolios and developments in the global financial markets.

On the other hand, the Council will be presented with the activities of the Arab Monetary Fund within the framework of the technical secretariat of the Board of Governors of Central Banks and Arab Monetary Institutions, as well as the Council of Arab Ministers of Finance. As well as the Fund's activities under the FIARI and Arabstat programs, which are administered by the Fund.   link

MilitiaMan:  I am bringing this forward as WS set the stage yesterday. This above and below is a theme that is in essence not from only what has been done, what is presently being done, but also, for the what the future will tell us that is to be an ongoing process in regard to finance locally, regionally and internationally. Lets not for get the oredr in which the meetings took place with Alak in recent past. Jordan, Tunisia, Jordan, then the EU. All in regard to finance. All now done and approved.. Oh buddy.. lol Oh, throw in the LAW on currency banknote" acceptance of all notes", not just the current ones.. ~ MM (April 2018)

Walkingstick:  BR....

Iraq looks forward to benefiting from the world's financial experiences

active mobility witnessed by the financial sector locally, regionally and internationally for the development of work joints and the development of banking products required by the economy awaits a major work stage represents the banking sector cornerstone of this activity.

The banking sector continues to experience regional experiences that have been highly successful in the field of finance. The visit of the delegation of Islamic banks in Iraq was positive within Bahrain and its financial and Arab institutions based in Manama during an intensive program organized by the Association of Iraqi Banks. ​
Development plans

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Ali Tariq said: "The plans for the development of the Iraqi financial sector require cooperation with regional and international counterpart institutions and stand at their successful experiences and benefit from them and the transfer of the banking sector to a new stage where openness to the world will increase knowledge and work to adopt systems that make Iraq is a competitor to the countries of the region and the world in banking services, especially that the training plans adopted by the Association and the competent institutions have created competencies capable of mastering advanced technology  ». World banks offer more than 120 products to beneficiaries at different levels, companies and individuals, and perform the work in a field and through personal electronic devices.

  Prospects for cooperation

 "The delegation of Islamic banks in Iraq, which ended his visit to Bahrain recently, came out with positive results, several of which are the opening of new cooperation prospects, and this in itself will benefit from the contact with banks with sophisticated systems, especially that the other side recognizes the importance of Iraq on the arena of the international economy» . Iraqi banks provide about 15 banking products to their public, and thus need to develop their systems in line with developments in the international financial sector.

"The visit has witnessed the introduction of eight Iraqi Islamic banks requesting membership of the General Council of Banks and Islamic Financial Institutions in a move to open up to the financial institutions, banking and global, and to establish their presence in the Council, with the aim of starting with advanced levels of cooperation and support the Iraqi banking sector.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Association of Private Banks of Iraq and the Association of Banks of Bahrain with the aim of activating cooperation and providing facilities for Iraqi banks and the second with the General Council of Banks and Islamic Financial Institutions.

The Association also prepared a long-term memorandum of understanding with the Bahrain Institute for Banking and Financial Training next period. Developmental mutations in turn between the Director of Training and Management Association in Ahmed al - Hashemi said «regional and international mobility is a necessity, especially that Iraq was cut off from the world for a long period of banking services through which large developmental mutations». Hashemi added that «the visit revealed to the delegation the extent of aspiration of Bahraini banks, which have advanced mechanisms to work to the coming period, and the possibility of benefiting from the Bahraini experience in the field of training.

And administration}. Hashemi pointed out that «the visit strengthened confidence between the two sides, where can be achieved prospects for cooperation between the two sides in the desire to do so between the two sides, and look forward to the parties to strengthen cooperation to the benefit of both.


MilitiaMan:  The way your bring in the past tense is always very welcoming to say the least, WS. It reeks of the completion of things of importance, necessity and benefits.

The witnessing of something is from a perspective that was in process and now done not only locally, regionally but, internationally as well. Internationalism represents Article 8 acceptance imo. Thus, the training and expertise required to maintain and manage the new systems is going to be an on going part of Article 8 in conjunction with other members that are in similar circumstance and will also benefit, as noted by the memorandum of understanding with Iraq, APB, ABB and the IFA all apparently apart of a General Council of Banks and Islamic Financial Institutions.. ...

The move up is very telling me that there is MR being completed and at the threshold. imo  ~ (04/21/2018) ~ MM"

MilitiaMan:  The Final Stage of the ending process is apparently front and center now imo, and noted by Don961's recent article above with some additional highlights,( and not plagiarized, but from my opinion with the emphasis added).. wink lol..  ~ MM

The data that suggests this is completed imo is based from the article below. The entities are fully apprised of the on goings, imo.  

of the National Payments Council, which includes the Central Bank of Iraq, government banks, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, electronic payment companies and representatives of the security services

"The establishment of the National Bank of Payments by the Central Bank of Iraq is a very important step that will contribute to the private sector in defining the future vision and strategy and achieving banking reforms, "The National Payments Council also aims to follow up and develop the banking legal environment that contributes to the application and development of payment and settlement systems and means of payment," he added

He explained that "the tasks of the National Payments Council are based on supporting the infrastructure of the payment system that is in line with the recommendations of the Basel Committee for Payment and Settlement, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and others." He added that "the National Payments Council will follow up clearing systems and the depository and transfer center to settle transactions in the stock market and contribute In the development of electronic payment methods

On the other hand, the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq said during the meeting that " the National Payments Council will strengthen the strong relationship with the banking sector." He pointed out that "the Council will be the guide that evaluates and monitors the system of payments through the inclusion of visions and proposals by members of the Council . "   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Lets also note that the articles about the Auctions are still talking about Abroad.. My view is, as noted from above is done already, thus, what the remaining auctions are for, are for locally.. imo..A good thing.. ~ They appear to have populated the banks abroad.. That is imo for us. Investors.. ~ MM
Doc.K:  Releases Its Employees' Salaries Early........ Iraq did something EARLY  ?? 

Samson:  Iraq Releases Its Employees' Salaries Early And Makes A Number Of Upgrades

 7th June, 2018

The Ministry of Finance has launched the salaries of state employees working in various sectors to ensure their distribution before Eid al-Fitr, while issuing new instructions for the promotion and promotion of employees.

The ministry's inspector-general, Maher al-Bayati, said that the ministry started to send employees salaries to institutions and departments to ensure delivery to them before the Eid al-Fitr. Al-Bayati added that the ministry has secured all salaries, stressing the need to speed up ministries and government institutions

Al-Bayati also announced that the ministry is keen to improve the financial conditions of employees and ensure their rights have taken action to solve the problems of promotions and promotions of their own, "explaining that" the procedure requires that the upgrading of the employee through the deletion and development within the staffing of the departments concerned and by the committee formed in the ministry The Ministry or the institution shall send the information in accordance with a detailed schedule in each form attached separately to the Budget Department of the Ministry.   LINK

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