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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

KTFA: "One Amazing Announcement" -, 6 JUNE

IObey777 » June 6th, 2018

I am simply waiting for the article to come which shows the END of this MR and shows the RI has been completed! They are IMPLEMENTING it now, the banks are ready, the citizens are opening accounts daily! All has been done, IMO, we are just waiting to see it all in print with that ONE Amazing ANNOUNCEMENT!

Rommy » June 6th, 2018

Exactly IOBEY

Walkingstick said “ftti..(for those that are interested?) Just because ... you, do not see .. and or, read of it... does not, mean... it is not happening... It is, and or... coming to print...”

Samson » June 6th, 2018

Iraq was elected as vice-president of the UN General Assembly

6th June, 2018

A source at the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, that Iraq was elected vice-president of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

"The Republic of Iraq was elected to the post of Vice-President of the United Nations General Assembly in the 73rd session of the Assembly," the source said in a statement.

It should be noted that Iraq has been elected during the past few years as president, deputy and member of more than 17 Arab, regional and international organizations. LINK

Iraq's stock market up 15%

6th June, 2018

The index of the Iraqi stock market, Wednesday, June 6, 2018, up by 0.15 volume of circulation of 22 companies out of 102.

"The market traded today at a total of 341,016,488 shares at a value of 141,385,385 dinars. The ISX 60 index closed at 588.72 points today, up by 0.15 points," said Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, the market's executive director. The previous session of 587.86 points. "

"The market is trading 22 companies out of 102 companies listed on the market distributed as follows on banking sectors 7, industrial 6, services 2, hotels 5, telecommunications 1, agricultural 1, to become the number of companies suspended by a decision of the Securities Commission for non-commitment Financial disclosure instructions 23 companies ".

"The number of shares purchased by non-Iraqi investors amounted to 250 thousand shares valued at 2,125 million dinars through the implementation of 1 deal on the shares of one company." LINK

Dozens of teachers and teachers demonstrate in Dahuk to demand their salaries be paid

6th June, 2018

On Wednesday, dozens of employees, teachers and teachers organized a demonstration in central Duhok demanding payment of their salaries before Eid al-Fitr.

The correspondent of the / information / that dozens of teachers and teachers organized a demonstration in the central province of Dohuk.

He added that the demonstrators demanded the dismissal of their ransoms before the Eid al-Fitr, bringing the government in the region mismanagement and delayed their salaries for several months. LINK

Don961 » June 6th, 2018

Finance: Staff salaries before Eid al-Fitr

06/6/2018 12:00 am 

I have issued new instructions on promotion and promotion

Baghdad / Tareq al-Araji 

The Ministry of Finance has launched the salaries of state employees working in various sectors to ensure their distribution before Eid al-Fitr, while issuing new instructions for the promotion and promotion of employees. 

The ministry's inspector-general, Maher al-Bayati, told Al-Sabah that "the ministry started to send salaries to the institutions and departments to ensure delivery to them before Eid al-Fitr." 

Al-Bayati added that «the ministry secured all salaries», stressing the «need to speed up ministries and government institutions procedures to provide the salaries of employees smoothly». 

Al-Bayati also announced that «the ministry and its keenness to improve the financial conditions of employees and ensure their rights have taken action to solve the problems of promotions and promotions of their own», explaining that «the procedure requires that the upgrading of the employee through the deletion and development within the staffing of the departments concerned and by the committee formed in the ministry The Ministry or the institution shall send the information according to a detailed schedule in each form separately to the Budget Department The ministry. link

Samson » June 6th, 2018

US demands OPEC to increase production by one million barrels per day

2018/6/6 8:59 

Said three sources in OPEC and the oil sector , the United States asked informally from Saudi Arabia and some other producers of the organization to increase crude production, but did not ask for a specific number.

The sources told Reuters on Tuesday that the United States requested an increase in production informally from producing countries separately, not from OPEC as an organization, adding that no specific figure has yet been determined. Bloomberg said earlier on Tuesday that the US government asked them to increase oil production by about one million barrels per day. 

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin said on May 8 that some countries were ready to increase production to offset the potential shortfall as a result of the re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran. "We welcome any market-based action that enhances access to energy and supports the strength of the global economy," a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council said in response to a question on demands for increased oil production.

OPEC is still implementing an agreement to cut production with Russia and other producers from outside. With oil recently reaching $ 80 a barrel, its highest level since 2014, producers are now discussing easing some of the production and assembly constraints to develop a policy later in June. "Any decision will be made collectively and after discussions, the most important thing for OPEC now is to keep that group together," an OPEC source said. 

"Even if the United States asks 1 million barrels, does that mean that OPEC and its allies will increase production by one million?" Reuters said on May 25 that producers were considering increasing supplies by about 1 million barrels per day (bpd). The final decision would be made at the next OPEC meeting in Vienna on June 22-23. LINK

Newspaper: Abadi gets support for three-quarters of Sunni politicians Iraq and Sadr supports

6th June, 2018

Political sources confirmed on Wednesday that the current Prime Minister Haider Abadi support three quarters of the politicians of the year of Iraq to head the next government, pointing out that the leader of the Sadrist sent signals to support Abbadi for a second term. While the sources spoke about the position of the leader of the Democratic Party Massoud Barzani. According to Al-Arab Al-London newspaper.

The main Sunni political figures in Iraq are trying to provide the necessary support to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to remain in office for a second term in the latest images of the transformations of politics in Mesopotamia.

Since the announcement of the results of the general elections, which took place last May, the Sunni political forces conducted consultations with various parties, but did not reach clear understandings. With the exception of the movement led by businessman Gamal Karbouli, most Sunni political parties have agreed to support Abbadi for a second term.

Saleh al-Mutlaq, leader of the Dialogue Front, invited Iftar al-Abadi, who was attended by parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, leader of the National List Iyad Allawi and representatives of various Sunni political forces, including the coalition led by businessman Khamis al-Khanjar.

A politician who attended the invitation, according to the newspaper, said that "I have seen the notification of Abadi by the Sunni leaders supporting them for a second term." "Muqtada al-Sadr has sent signals that he is ready to support Abbadi in a second term if he gets enough Sunni support," the politician said.

He added that "resolving the matter of the candidate for the post of prime minister, would mean overcoming a major obstacle in the way of a quick formation of a new Iraqi government," revealing that "the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani, did not mind opening the door to dialogue with Abbadi in the event of support of the year and the chest.

And goes the Iraqi politician, that "to proceed with the construction of this political front, would attract the leader of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Ameri of the Alliance of conquest, to join the largest parliamentary bloc."

The newspaper pointed out that "Abadi has the support of three quarters of the Sunni politicians in Iraq, putting him in a good negotiating position with the Shiite and Kurdish parties."

The newspaper quoted political sources as saying that "Abadi promised the Sunni leaders in the house of Mutlaq to prevent the armed factions from tampering with the security file, and confirmed his readiness in the event of the new government to launch a large-scale reconstruction campaign for the Sunni areas destroyed during the era of control organization calling on large parts of the country "He said.

The sources added that "the Sunni leaders chose to support Abadi, after they confirmed the support of the international community for his survival."

The sources specify the list of political forces excluded so far from mobility and negotiations to form the largest bloc. The coalition of state law led by Nuri al-Maliki, at the forefront of this list, followed by the movement of Asaib Ahl al-Haq led by Qais al-Khazali, which expanded its gains from one parliamentary seat in the 2014 Parliament to 15 seats in the Parliament 2018, The list also includes the Karbali Party of Solution.

Observers attribute the Sunnis' bet on the current prime minister because they believe Abadi is too weak to dare to abolish the sectarian quota system. It is a losing bet compared to what can be imposed by Sadr on Abadi terms to form the next government, the abolition of the principle of quotas in government jobs first, which will be accepted by Abadi forced in an attempt to get rid of the final threat of Nuri al-Maliki.

The Iraqi political observer, according to the newspaper, that "the Sunni politicians who realized that their presence in the Iraqi political equation has been floating after losing their popular base will be reluctant to join the alliance of Sadr al-Abbadi, unless offered secondary or complementary positions, Show good faith and satisfy the Arab countries still see in the sectarian representation a kind of balance that distanced Iraq from the Iranian axis. "

In the view of the observer that "the logic of Sunni politicians can be considered backward compared to what the Iraqis expect of political change, ending the stage of sectarian strife to begin the stage of reconstruction and building the state and fight corruption and the launch of public freedoms and the restoration of Iraq's relations with its Arab surroundings." LINK

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