Friday, June 15, 2018


Well today is almost compliance day. Our unofficial countdown is down to just hours now to meet the 3-month requirement. Today’s market rate in Iraq appears to be 1210 to $1 still within compliance but creeping close to the limit of 1214.
US: Iraq will be a center of stability and prosperity of the region US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield said on Thursday that Iraq would be the basis for stability and prosperity in the Middle East. 

“Iraq has the ability to be a center of stability and prosperity in the Middle East and we are optimistic about the future of the country,” Suterveld told the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee. “US President Donald Trump has asked for 200 million dollars in aid to Iraq,” he said, stressing that “the United States should not take full responsibility for financing stabilization efforts in the region.” 

“Washington is happy to partner with the new Iraqi government to fight terrorism and strengthen the independence of the country,” said Nicky Halley, a US envoy to the United Nations.

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