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Thursday, June 7, 2018


 Clay    Wired sources... BREAKING: Democrats lose supermajority in California senate, as Republicans flip seat in blue district
Xyz     130-year-old Kurdish man reveals secret to long life

In the Kurdish village of Anda in southeastern Turkey is Haji Musa.

He says he is 130 years old and remembers everything he has done — even seeing Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
"I saw him twice...” he tells Rudaw's Mehdi Mutlu. “He came to Kadikoy three times and met with the soldiers."

Musa served four years as a conscript in the Turkish Army.

"I served in Kadikoy and Istanbul," explains Haji Musa.

Even the famine of the late 1920s and 30s, Musa recalls.

"Yes, there was nothing to eat at all, only flour," he told Rudaw's Mehdi Mutlu." No, there was hunger and famine. There was nothing. People left their homes. They migrated."

Haji thanks God for prolonging his life and "I never worried myself."

His wife Aunti, 110, explains how they came to be married.

"He was a handsome guy and all knew that," she boasts. "It's just fate and destiny."

She was asked if she would permit Haji Musa to remarry if she were to die.

"No, I won't," she replies, explaining that they we will die on the same day: "one of us in the morning and one in the evening."

xyz    @Zag in 80 yrs to come ;banana

firefarmer    I can live that long but I have to lie about my age

Xyz    Swedish programming experts have developed a new technology that will allow "communication" with the dead relatives and friends.


​xyz     A gator wandering on the street head-butts a captor. Two cops got it from the other end.    http://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article212654164.html

xyz Crocodile Kills Pastor During Lake Baptism in Southern Ethiopia

Spectra     Italy's new populist government wants to;

- Deport 500,000 illegals
- Re-assert Christian identity
- Monitor mosques
- Encourage population to have babies
- Re-assert localism over globalisation & monopoly capitalism

I wonder why Soros is terrified?

Elmer Fudd     They should send the illegals to Soros's home. :)

Tebow    Note CBI website down, no response Timestame: 07/06/18  12:10am

twisstrThe website still appears to be down. I can’t get it to load.  2:02 am

xyz    Supreme Court issues a statement on the implementation of the Third Amendment Law to the Election Law

The Supreme Judicial Council on Thursday issued a statement on the third amendment to the electoral law, and decided to invite its members to meet next Sunday to nominate judges who will be assigned to carry out the work of the Board of Commissioners and supervise the manual recounting process. Or the Electoral Commission.

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