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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Spectra    ((The Association of Iraqi Private Banks praises the establishment of the National Payments Council))--6/4/2018_

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks praised the establishment of the Central Bank of the National Payments Council, which will increase banking services.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali al-Alaq, chaired the first meeting of the National Payments Council, which includes the Central Bank of Iraq, government banks, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, electronic payment companies and representatives of the security services .
"The establishment of the National Bank of Payments by the Central Bank of Iraq is a very important step that will make the private sector contribute to determining the future vision and strategy and achieving banking reforms, in addition to increasing coordination and cooperation with the authorities," Wadih al-Hanalal, head of the Iraqi Private Banks Association, told Al-Iktissad News.

 "The National Payments Council also aims to monitor and develop the banking legal environment that contributes to the application and development of payment and settlement systems and means of payment."

He explained that "the tasks of the National Payments Council are based on supporting the infrastructure of the payment system that is in line with the recommendations of the Basel Committee for Payment and Settlement, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and others."

He added that "the National Payments Council will follow up clearing systems and the depository and transfer center to settle transactions in the stock market and contribute In the development of electronic payment methods. "

Spectra    On the other hand, the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq said during the meetingthat " the National Payments Council will strengthen the strong relationship with the banking sector." He pointed out that "the Council will be the guide that evaluates and monitors the system of payments through the inclusion of visions and proposals by members of the Council . "

For his part, the representative of the World Bank said that the meeting, said that " the Council of National Payments attended an advanced step , especially since there is a 40% ؜ from the central bank has a board payments , " expected to "contribute through international participations support payments system in Iraq" .

Spectra    http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12552

Spectra    (( The World Is Poised on the Brink of a New Order of Peace and Development)) 6/4/2018 A truly spectacular transformation in the history of Mankind is now in clear sight, in the near future, if the citizens of the world have the courage to seize the opportunity. One recalls Friedrich Schiller's famous epigram "The Moment," reflecting on the results of the French Revolution:

"A momentous epoch hath the cent'ry engender'd, Yet the moment so great findeth a people so small."

Can the human race today rise to the greatness of this moment?


Spectra    Pinned Tweet  OCHA Iraq  @OCHAIraq
Coming out of 4 years of conflict, 8.7 million people need urgent humanitarian assistance in #Iraq. They are bracing for months of extreme summer heat. Here’s how you can help: http://bit.ly/GiveToIraq #InvestInHumanity #RamadanKareem


chattels     Monday, June 4, 2018  Iraq’s Troubles Fighting Corruption Interview With Vincent Foulk Former US Anti-Graft Official



Xbruster69    doo da doo da doooo.. Redenomination killed the Revalue-Kid .... like the song Video-Kid ...." Bank Indonesia has prepared a draft bill on the redenomination of the Indonesian Rupiah " DOH!!! lol

dinard     Xbruster69 whats making you believe iraq will re denominate its currency?

dinard    or are there people invested in this rupiah as well? lol

meatbal    ldinard there was a lot of hype about the Rupiah a few years back

Xbruster69    @dinard ... back in the day.. Tony didnt like another 24 hours, before the RI happened, now 5 years later... we are seeing this redenomination word used more... Belares, now Indonesia... from paper notes to Polymers... who knows what will materialize

chattels     At the center of the controvery over water between Iraq and Turkey are " riparian " rights.
chattels     riparian rights
n. the right of the owner of the land forming the bank of a river or stream to use water from the waterway for use on the land, such as for drinking water or irrigation.

State laws vary as to the extent of the rights, but controversy exists as to the extent of riparian rights for diversion of water to sell to others, for industrial purposes, to mine the land under the water for gravel or minerals, or for docks and marinas.

Consistent in these questions is that a riparian owner may not act to deny riparian rights to the owner of downstream properties along the waterway, meaning the water may not be dammed and channelled away from its natural course.

chattels    It gets complicated.  chattels    Especially internationally.

chattels    Domestically, there is a good discussion at


chattels    The following is a good read on an international situation. Riparian Rights under International Law: A Study of Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty


chattels   I .   INTRODUCTION

Many people laugh at the media's portrayal of a waterstarved, post-apocalyptic future. Yet most, particularly in the United States, do not understand what it means to lack water.

Even in California, where a recent drought finally focused the public's attention on the necessity of conservation, the concept of not having water is difficult to perceive. The notion of waging war to protect precious water resources is even more incomprehensible. Yet in many parts of the world, particularly in the arid Middle East, these considerations are a reality.

 chattels     The notion of waging war to protect precious water resources is even more incomprehensible.

Yet in many parts of the world, particularly in the arid Middle East, these considerations are a reality.


The ILA and the ILC propounded several international policies concerning water rights. At its 1966 conference in Helsinki, the ILA approved a set of articles known as the Helsinki Rules on the Uses of the Waters of International Rivers.92

In 1986, the ILA added a section entitled Rules on International Ground waters to the Helsinki Rules. This new section was known as the Seoul Rules. 93

Presently, the ILC is developing draft articles on the Law of Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses. 94

These policies have provided the background for treaties, negotiations, and articles on the uses of international waterways.

 chattels    The Helsinki and Seoul Rules, although widely accepted and broad in their scope, are not enforceable because the ILA is an unofficial organization.

chattels   1. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers The Euphrates River Originates in the mountains of Turkey, flows through Syria into Iraq, and empties into the Persian Gulf.

chattels    Turkey has begun a. massive 'project along the Euphrates, known as the Grand Anatolia Project, which will create twenty-two dams and nineteen hydro-electric stations.

chattels    The Grand Anatolia Project could reduce Syria's flow from the Euphrates by forty percent and Iraq's by eighty percent

chattels    Notwithstanding the detail and flexibility of either the ILA's or the ILC's policies, the Euphrates' riparians have not come to a regional agreement regarding its use.155 One of the obstacles is Turkey's insistence that the Euphrates is a regional, not international, river.

chattels    Turkey's position as uppermost riparian to the Euphrates eliminates its incentive to participate in cooperative measures. Admission to the European Union (EU) may provide a sufficient incentive.'

chattels     The foregoing article is from 1995, but .................... some things have not changed and some have.

chattels    Sadr offers three proposals to solve the water crisis in Iraq
Date of release: 2018/6/5 9:01 •

​chattels     No apparent genuine solution in the foregoing. Yada, yada, yada.

chattels    BGG ~ " If this is public – Abadi is close to making his deal… if this is the alliance, IMHO – you can stick a FORK in Maliki. He’s done."

chattels   “ IMHO”    ???????????????

chattels    Oil prices rise to $ 75  Date of release:: 2018/6/5 12:30 •


chattels    [Ayna-Baghdad]  Oil prices rose on Tuesday on expectations that US crude inventories may fall, but increased US production and concerns that OPEC may increase output continue to dampen investor sentiment.

Doug_W    Spot oil prive : 64.55 USD -0.33 (-0.51%) 06:14:49 AM EDT

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