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Xyz      Tebow  6-29-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ... unfortunately I think they need to wait for the government to form because that would send a clear message of stability and would perpetuate investment. Remember happy investors is what will raise this value. They also may be waiting for the blessing of the IMF and they haven't had their Article IV Consultation yet this year which is a perfect time for a full review prior to the transition but I'm expecting that anytime.
Tebow    xyz nice cut & paste talent you have
Dave     xyz ...sounds reasonable........
Baxter     sure does

dinarded     Or the factor of whether CBI is honest or not lol
Spectra     true
Spectra       dinarded very good point they are central bank ...not known too be honest in my opinion...lol
Whitelions.     47 Trillion dinars tells me I am right. Impossible to rv at any rate above 1 cent Prove your right all you have said is what you believe that's not proof
Whitelions     jwflatt ^^^^^^^^^^
Whitelions     what no answer I thought so lol\
Baxter    Oil almost hit 75 dollars a barrel today... where is my DIME
Whitelions     Baxter one word speculation
Baxter     WHERE is the article 8... should have been applied for by now
Whitelions     like I said to you all before the guru's have taught you to see bad in every move and until you get your heads out of that mind set you can't see what is happening and will just see crap and talk crap and you wonder why others just lurk
Whitelions     Baxter you want to know where it is go find it and stop asking because no matter how many time we tell you you don't believe us .
Baxter      so... what do you think the problem is...??
Baxter     no govt.. no parliament.. no economic conditions.. stability... laws... theft... fraud... combination of all this B S ?? WHAT|?     LET ME GUESS... THE PTB is holding it up.... LOL
Whitelions     go find out then you won't have to ask
Baxter      see.. you dont have a clue either
Baxter    I am willing to bet.... we will see 2019 and beyond.... wanna bet?
 Baxter    I mean... I have only been in this 12 years... and 4 short months.... I know im a newbie..
Whitelions   yes I do but I have told you and told you but you refuse to understand it may be my fault I don't explain things well that's why I do the resurch and the others do the calls but I'm done trying to explain
Baxter  so.. spit it out one more time... since I never have seen your explanation
Zig     Baxter : Whitelions is very opinionated.....lol....she is tough but don't back down!!!
Baxter   you can read all those articles you want... one will contradict the next one a week later.. its all B S..
JoeSchmoe     Whats goin on in the land of dinarhea today?    Lots of floaters?
jwflatt      Spectra That's exactly why I made my statement. Iraq is floating with Dinar. Except what is floating around in other countries thanks to dr Shabbi. Shabbi knew what he was doing when he got it approved to sell his worthless (almost worthless) dinar to suckers like you nad me and millions others. There is over 47 trillion dinar out of the printing presses today. Don't believe do your own research . I did and . And yes it is factual.
jwflatt      Whitelions A no brainer for me. There has not been a rv to date for the Iraq dinar. I am right and all of the others have been wrong, mOst were lying straight out of the gate so to speak
JoeSchmoe      jwflatt and your words must make one wonder....why do you care? You sound very angry in how you are expressing yourself here. So did you buy alot of dinar and are very frustrated about everything? Are you like your brother/cousin/uncle SandyF, and absolutely hate the dinar that you own? WHY do you come here and put the dinar down?? If you don't own dinar, then what brings you here????
JoeSchmoe      Do you care so much about all of us that you dont know,that you dont want any of us to get screwed? THANKYOU SO MUCH JW!!!!
JoeSchmoe     People like you are so obvious. You prey on the weak minded sheep that cringe at your words of negativity
Tebow      jwflatt How are you right? Just because it hasn't RVd doesn't mean it won't. Did you get the secret plan? You know no more than anyone else. Just we can include you in that group of liars.

30 Jun 18, 04:25 AM sandyf      At the end of December, liability on the CBI in respect of currency issued stood at 44.236 Trillion IQD, just over 37 Billion USD. If the rate were to be 1:1 then the liability on the CBI would be in the order of 44 Trillion USD, about twice the US national debt.
30 Jun 18, 04:50 AM sandyf      Some on here really need to seek help. The compulsion to make things up is obviously a sign of a deep rooted problem.
30 Jun 18, 04:53 AM sandyf     The link to the CBI accounts has been published many times but there are those that do not want to acknowledge the contents. The figure for Currency Issued can be seen on the main statement and again in Note 13 on page 26.https://cbi.iq/static/uploads/up/file-152499446056552.pdf
 xyz     British newspaper: Iraq is no longer as dangerous as it was, but unemployment and poverty are growing
xyz      Blast camera in shoes Man tried to portray women "under their skirts"

 xyz    Really? Why are they going through this much trouble to hide tissue papers as some guru would call iqd?
Iraqi Customs Department announced foiling an attempt to smuggle half a billion Iraqi dinars. http://www.iraqtradelinknews.com/2018/06/billion-dinars-captured-at-jordan.html
Whitelions    Baxter This will tell you every thing you have to know about article 8 so from now on you don't have to depend on anybody telling you what they think it means ,and it come right from the IMF site so you know it's the truth unless you think they are lying to you too.
Whitelions    Baxter IMF docs…   http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/...13/cr13217.pdf
CBI exchange rate information…

Whitelions    Border crossing authorities arrest passenger trying to smuggle 500 million Iraqi dinars
Logo of the Border Ports Authority     Roudao - Erbil
The border crossing authorities arrested a passenger who tried to smuggle 500 million Iraqi dinars at the border port of Trebil between Iraq and Jordan
The agency said in a statement on Saturday that "7 trucks loaded with material (iron fortified Bury) seized at the port of Trebil between Iraq and Jordan because of the existence of fraud in the tax link by the Deputy Director, where the completion of two transactions with one treatment.
The statement added that "it was seized by the Division of research and investigation outside the customs barrier."
The statement pointed out that "in cooperation with the Customs Center port was thwarted the attempt to smuggle currency estimated at more than 500 million Iraqi dinars was held by an Iraqi traveler hidden inside a Jordanian bread."
The Commission confirmed in its statement that "the legal proceedings were taken against the defaulters, and the subject was brought before the attention of the investigating judge of the wetlands."
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi border crossings are experiencing attempts to smuggle almost daily, between money and drugs and others, while the Border Ports Authority and the competent authorities can control many cases of them.
 Whitelions     heres one on the CBI but remember you can't trust them right Spectra and dinarded
 Whitelions     Central Bank of «Economy News»: The presence of international payment companies will reflect positively on the citizen     

http://economy-news.net/vrsfls/cntnt/pctr/3710.jpg ​


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