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Xyz     Saadi: manual counting and counting will be applied in stations contested results only and will not be fully and this is the legal guide


 xyz     Legal expert advises Ebadi: Thus, any extension of parliament can be challenged and these are ways of rejecting it legally


"The Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi to send a query to the Federal Court to express its opinion on the extension of the life of parliament," the newspaper quoted the newspaper as saying that "the Federal Court to expedite the resolution of the matter with a single session, and waved a war to file a lawsuit with the judiciary to invalidate any law to extend Age of the House of Representatives. "
​xyz     Baghdad coalition: the formation of the government will be postponed to the end of this year

DinarResearcher    The new government will be formed with the beginning of 2019 and the reason !!

DinarResearcher    24-06-2018 01:39 PM
DinarResearcher    http://www.baghdadnews.info/index.php?page=article&id=39056

DinarResearcher    Baghdad News -The expected member of the House of Representatives Masoud Haider, to delay the formation of the new government for another six months until the beginning of 2019, warning of more tension between the conflicting political parties, in light of what will result from the process of counting the results of the parliamentary elections.

DinarResearcher    Haidar said in a press statement, if the process of recounting the votes of voters and then were sent to the Federal Court and the parliament for approval, then the choice of the Speaker and then the President of the country ', likely to continue the process of recounting votes from three to six months, Government to the beginning of 2019.

DinarResearcher     He explained that the process of forming a new government will take longer if there is a major change in the results of the elections and the proportions of seats for political parties, and in this scenario will enter Iraq at a very dangerous stage beyond the political competition, because some parties have militias and this may trigger a conflict that does not pay attention ' .

DinarResearcher     Once come July 1st , I do believe sometime there after. “When push comes to shove”

xyz      Euro zone ministers announce end of Greece debt crisis


 Whitelions     The document: The Central Bank requires licensed banks and transfer companies to provide him with financial statements for Khamis dagger     https://hathalyoum.net/images/logof2.png

Al-Ghad Press has obtained two documents issued by the Central Bank of Iraq demanding that the licensed banks and the transfer companies provide it with the financial statements for Thursday's dagger within 15 days.

Note: The contents of the document (the Central Bank requires the licensed banks and transfer companies to provide financial statements for Khamis Dagger) published first on the site (Al-Ghad Press) and does not bear the encyclopedia of this news day content in any way.

You can find out the details of this address (in the document: Central Bank requires licensed banks and transfer companies to provide him with financial statements for the Thursday dagger) through its original source .

 DinarResearcher     Trump Fusion: The Middle East plan is about to be finalized and we will publish it soon    Editorial date: 2018/6/24 12:27


DinarResearche      Trade invites French companies to participate in the Baghdad International Fair in its 45th session

DinarResearcher     The General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services of the Ministry of the Ministry invited the French side to actively participate in the 45th edition of the Baghdad International Fair as part of its preparations for the International Course on the tenth of next November.

DinarResearcher     "The Director General of the Exhibitions, Hashim Mohamed Hatem, met with the head of the economic section of the French embassy, ​​Rafael Santos, and the French commercial advisor Luis Aquemes to discuss the participation of France in the international session of the Baghdad International Fair, as well as discussing the fields of joint cooperation between the two countries," the ministry said.
​DinarResearcher     The Director-General of the company, according to the statement, the need for the return of the French wing to participate in the Baghdad International Exhibition after a break of five years, considering that France is one of the leading countries in the economic and trade fields and with many experiences and experiences in this area benefit from Iraq in the exchange of those experiences and experiences from During the entry of investment projects inside and outside the country.

DinarResearcher      For his part, the French Trade Advisor expressed his readiness to contact companies in his country and urged them to participate in the international session of the upcoming Baghdad International Fair, expressing confidence in the ability of Iraq to promote its economic reality and openness to all countries and companies in all commercial and economic levels.

DinarResearcher       http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=12722

 Whitelions     A resounding victory and a road map to push the Iraqi economy forward


After the declaration of absolute victory over the preacher at the end of 2017, the announcement of the Iraqi Prime Minister for the liberation of all Iraqi territory after the occupation of full or partial to many of the Iraqi provinces, including Nineveh and Salahuddin in the north and parts of Diyala in the east and Anbar in the West - nearly 40 % Of the country's territory, which produced 80,000 barrels of crude oil in 2014, represented a historic milestone for the Iraqi people.

At the same time, the Iraqi economy has been in a long period of crisis, and suffers from real structural imbalances, whether in the real or financial sectors. This was caused by the absence of economic policy and the lack of long-term relevance.

Which is contrary to the rules of modern economic construction, as well as depletion of the country's resources in the wars of liberation and the most recent declaration of victory over a supporter.

Despite the preoccupation of the Iraqi government to liberate its territory, it has tended as it tries to lift the economy from its problems in the provision of basic services to citizens and fill the salaries of employees is the deficit and the investment gap, which requires filling from other sources, both domestic investment (private sector) or foreign investment, This depends on creating an enabling investment environment that will convince investors to come to the Iraqi arena or else the difficulties and problems will continue.

New political orientations


DinarResearcher      Al - Abbadi .. Al - Sadr meets the hopes of the second state
DinarResearcher      Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi and Sadr's leader Muqtada al-Sadr surprised everyone by their surprise meeting in the province of Najaf, south of Baghdad, after straining their relations against the backdrop of the alliance that was announced earlier between Sadr's coalition and the Fath Alliance. Led by the leader of the "popular crowd," Hadi al-Amiri.

DinarResearcher        At a time when political sources talked about discussions about the future of the political process, politicians say that the meeting revived the chances of the ruling Dawa Party to re-prime minister.

DinarResearcher       A source close to the office of the Sadrist movement in Najaf that Abadi and Sadr discussed the future of the political process after the political crisis caused by the results of the legislative elections, adding that both sides stressed the need to expedite the process of re-counting and manual counting, in preparation for the ratification of the final results of the election
​DinarResearcher      The leader of the "coalition of state law," Saad Almtalibi, that this meeting falls within the political understandings that the right of the Prime Minister to carry it, explaining in an interview with "the new Arab" that the atmosphere is now ready to take over the "Dawa Party," a new mandate.

DinarResearcher         It is noteworthy that the Dawa party assumed the premiership in Iraq four times earlier, the first of the leader of the party, Ibrahim Jaafari in 2005, followed by the Secretary General of the party, Nuri al-Maliki, two mandates in 2006 and 2010, and finally Abadi, who took over the Iraqi government in 2014.

DinarResearcher       Al Mutlabi explained that Abadi's chances of re-prime minister still exist, stressing that his information indicates that Iraqi Vice President Nuri al-Maliki will not run for the presidency of the new government, but may support some candidates

DinarResearcher       He pointed out that the rapprochement between the coalition of state law, and the alliance of victory, during the current phase, should be normal, because Maliki and Abadi belong to the same party (Dawa Party), indicating that the final alliances can not be completed until after the results of counting and sorting by hand.

DinarResearcher         He added: "It is the right of any person to run for the post of prime minister," noting that it is about parties that are able to form a large parliamentary bloc.

DinarResearcher      Abadi arrived in the province of Najaf, while political sources confirmed that the Prime Minister will meet with religious and religious leaders and politicians during his visit, explaining that this visit is a "last chance" to lift the political process from its crises.

DinarResearcher      The Iraqi Prime Minister's office confirmed in a brief statement that Abbadi had arrived in Najaf without giving further details

DinarResearcher      But a political source, close to the Iraqi government, said that Abadi visited Najaf in order to rally more support for the expanded political meeting, which called for about ten days ago, to get out of the political crisis suffocating Iraq since the announcement of the results of the legislative elections last month ,

Stressing that the Iraqi Prime Minister will meet with religious references and political leaders in Najaf in the last chance meetings, which precedes the possibility of a constitutional vacuum in Iraq, early next month.

DinarResearcher      He pointed out that Abadi and his team are conducting contacts at various levels in order to ensure the success of the extended meeting, likely to hold the meeting this weekend, in order to avoid confusion that threatens the political process with the end of the parliament on the thirtieth of this month.

DinarResearcher      He pointed out that the meeting will call everyone to abide by what the Iraqi judiciary has approved in terms of re-counting and manual sorting

DinarResearcher      Abadi said that Iraq can not go back, pointing out during a speech during his visit to Najaf that the challenge of the elections will not be greater than the challenge of organizing a supporter of the terrorist.

DinarResearcher      He pointed out that "the political process needs to agree, but not at the expense of Iraq," explaining that his government will not be part of the electoral fraud.
DinarResearcher      The Iraqi parliament member, Iskandar and Tut, stressed the need to expedite the completion of the process of counting and sorting the results of the election, indicating, during a press statement, that the delay gives way to forgers.

DinarResearcher    He called on the judges assigned to the Electoral Commission to set a timetable for the completion of their task, warning of the complexity of the situation more than it is now.

DinarResearcher       In the meantime, the Council of the Electoral Commission, administered by the judiciary, held a meeting to discuss the procedures of re-counting and manual counting, and took several important decisions in this regard, stressing the need for an urgent investigation of the ballot box fire in the Rusafa election district, , Explaining in a statement that the judges will be assigned to the task of running the election offices in the provinces.

DinarResearcher       The Council was instructed to prepare the places for manual counting and counting, with the need to emphasize the security aspect of the storage sites of the funds. He called on the media to be accurate when receiving the news of the Electoral Commission and to take it from the official source represented by the spokesperson of the Commission.

DinarResearcher        He pointed out that it has not been so far to instruct the process of manual counting and sorting until the completion of all requirements, and the Council mourned the death of an employee of the Electoral Commission in the performance of his official duty.

DinarResearcher       Sources in the Iraqi Electoral Commission has confirmed, earlier in the day, the death of one of its employees, and the injury of two others, after the fall of electronic voting devices at one of its sites in Baghdad

DinarResearcher        http://oneiraqnews.com/?aa=news&id22=5480#.Wy-PVRZOnDs

DinarResearcher     Iraq: the imposition of high tariffs on goods may raise prices for more than 50%

DinarResearcher     The federal government will start the implementation of the customs tariff law, which is due to be implemented in early July, to impose a varying rate on imported materials, except for some non-locally produced materials in order to support the national product, amid warnings of higher prices in local markets for more than 50%. Economic development.

DinarResearcher      Despite the denial of the Customs Authority to apply a new tariff on July 1, but an official source confirmed this, indicating that the new tariff will include electrical and electronic equipment as well as construction materials and some food.

DinarResearcher      The source said that "the government began the implementation of the actual law in the month of January to start on some materials and in July next will include the rest of the articles contained in the law.
​DinarResearcher     The source added that the rate of fees ranging between 0.5% to 30%, and this will make the Iraqi merchant increases prices to more than 40% until it reaches the local market prices are more than 50% and will be the first and last victim Iraqi citizen in the absence of the national product capable of Bridging the local need.

DinarResearcher     "The parliament has already introduced the customs tariff law in early 2010 and was due to be implemented in March 2012, but the government has delayed it because of the country's economic and security conditions," said Najiba Najib, a member of the parliamentary committee for economy and investment. The government decided in 2017 to apply the law in effect in early 2018.

DinarResearcher     She added that "the law began to apply gradually since 2015, including the materials of luxury and non-essential to reach some food and agricultural and did not apply a batch of all items, according to the need of the market and the reality of the country," indicating that "the law of more than 200 pages has known Each item and the percentage of its own fees, including charges on the imported material as well as on the materials involved in the manufacture of each article

DinarResearcher      She pointed out that "the recent decision of the Council of Ministers on the imposition of new fees on materials produced in Iraq to encourage the Iraqi industry and support the local product, but may be the current situation is still not appropriate because the border crossing points either in the south or the West or Iran does not Is still suffering from violations and fraud and corruption and is not fully controlled, "calling on the government to secure the border crossings and eliminate the corruption in which to ensure the non-introduction of materials not identified as Turkey.

DinarResearcher      The Cabinet announced its intention to impose high customs duties on imported goods and materials in order to protect and support the local product as of next August.

DinarResearcherThe Council said in a statement: "It approved the recommendation of the competent authority in the Department of Industrial Development and Organization of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals on the protection of products by imposing an additional customs duty based on the provisions of Article 14 of the Iraqi Products Protection Act No. 11 of 2010.

DinarResearcher      According to the statement, "an additional customs duty of 20% of the value of the unit of measurement of the product of the imported men's suit, with 30% of the unit of measurement of the producers of a white garment for clear utensils and 50% on the product of chicken and chicken pieces and products."

DinarResearcher      He confirmed the imposition of 26% of the unit of measurement of the product of the imported box stations and 100% of the unit of measurement of the products of the cream and the Newcastle vaccine and the small ruminants PPR, in addition to 27% of the unit of measurement producers of the Block Thromstone.

DinarResearcher     The statement added that "the imposition of an additional customs duty of 200% of the unit to measure the book product for the primary and secondary levels and 85% of the unit of measurement of the potato potato chips product," stressing that "the General Authority of Customs in the Ministry of Finance to apply the additional customs fee for the above mentioned products, Industry and minerals, and will implement the decision from the fifth of next August. "

DinarResearcher      Economist Salam Samisem warned of rising prices in local markets as a result of imposing new duties on some imported materials.

DinarResearcher     "Iraq is heading for an inflationary wave of prices as a result of the imposition of new duties taxes on some imported materials as of July 1," Smisem told The News.

DinarResearcher     "These fees will ignite local markets and raise prices significantly at a time when Iraq still lacks the local product in light of the low standard of living of citizens, and these additional burdens will be borne by the Iraqi people."
​DinarResearcher     While the expert in industrial affairs Abdul Hassan al-Shammari, he had a different point of view where he stressed the need to activate customs tariff because of its great importance in supporting the Iraqi national product.

DinarResearcher      Al-Shammari told "One News" that "in fact there is no tariff as a new Turkish, but the protection of some Iraqi national products produced in Iraq and has become a major role in meeting the needs of Iraqi citizens, but people who oppose this subject have shown contrary to reality, Which price $ 180 becomes $ 780 dollars and this is not true, because the ratio of 20 percent, the increase is about $ 35 for each imported television, for example.

DinarResearcher      He added that "some traders began to act like such issues in order not to apply duties on imported materials for their personal interests," noting that "customs duties will support the local product and do factories idle and provide job opportunities for the unemployed and eliminate poverty and the Iraqi product, whether industrial or Agricultural will be highly qualified, unlike the importer, which is often not insidious, but these measures must be accompanied by other measures and awareness campaigns and guidance for the benefit of the homeland and the citizen

DinarResearcher      The Cabinet decided to unify the customs duties on the categories of goods and products during 2018.

DinarResearcher     The Council decided to reduce the categories of customs duties, where the customs duty was unified on the customs items within the same section and categorized the sections into four categories with a minimum fee of 0.5% and a maximum of 30%

DinarResearcher     http://oneiraqnews.com/?aa=news&id22=5478#.Wy-SnxZOnDs

Zig     Yeah but what's the rate and date?.....Kidding....

DinarResearcher     1190 on the CBI and it’s June 24th, 2018
DinarResearcher    Your welcome

   Whitelions     Industry reveals the reason for the delay in the development of dairy factories and confirms "impossibility" to compete with foreign products


BAGHDAD / The Ministry of Industry revealed on Sunday the reason for the delay of the currency development of dairy factories in Iraq, noting that it has provided all facilities to invest in this sector, announced the issuance of 69 resolutions to protect the local product.

"Iraqi dairy products can not compete with foreign products because of the cheapness of these products," Industry Ministry spokesman Abdul Wahid al-Shammari told Iraq News. "Iraqi dairy products were covering the local need before 2003, but they can not cover the need. Currently local. "

He pointed out that "the Ministry of Industry provided all facilities for investors, while some investors offered their investment in this sector, but it was not the required level."

"The Ministry of Industry issued 69 decisions to protect the local product, but these decisions need to be activated."
The Iraqi market is an open market for all consumer goods importers, including Albanians, where there are different types of imported dairy, especially Iranian and Turkish dairy.

DinarResearcher     Abadi and Sadr announce a political alliance ... and ambiguity about the role of Amiri

DinarResearcher     06/24/2018     Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Muqtada al-Sadr announced an alliance between their political blocs. In the parliamentary elections in May, Sadr's bloc came in first place, while Abadi's bloc al-Nasr came in third.

DinarResearcher     The two leaders said in a press conference in the city of Najaf, where Sadr lives, that the coalition between the coalition «victory» and «passers» transient sectarian and «ethnic», and earlier, Sadr and Hadi al-Amiri, whose mass «conquest» in second place in the elections Alliance of their two blocs.

It was not immediately clear whether the announcement yesterday means the entry of the three blocs into one larger alliance. But Sadr and Abbadi stressed that their alliance does not mean closing the doors for other blocs to join him.

DinarResearcher     Al-Abbadi arrived in the province of Najaf to participate in the memorial ceremony held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the leader of the popular crowd, Karim al-Khakani. A statement issued by the office of Abbadi said that during the ceremony he stressed that "the challenge we face today is no greater than the challenge of terrorist gangs .

 In reference to the problems that followed the announcement of the results of the general elections in May, adding: «This process can not end the rigging of the elections and we will not be part of the process of fraud and we must maintain the voice of the voter», stressing the «importance of forming a strong government backed by Parliament to maintain what has been achieved victories ».

DinarResearcher     On a related subject to the electoral crisis, another crisis was raised regarding the fourth amendment to the law introduced by the House of Representatives in yesterday's session. It is proposed to extend the work of the House of Representatives for a specified period.

The fourth amendment included only one article stating: «The House of Representatives will continue to work until the Federal Supreme Court ratified the election results».

And linking the proposed amendment to the new reasons for the ruling issued by the Federal Court on the re-counting and manual sorting because it «required the House of Representatives to take what is necessary to implement some of its paragraphs (the court's decision), which requires the continuation of the House of Representatives for the purpose of follow-up ratification of the decision» based on what is stated in the reasons Positive for the amendment issued by the House of Representatives.

DinarResearcher     The House of Representatives approved about two weeks ago the third amendment to the law of the elections of the Council of Representatives and ensure the obligation of the Commission to return the process of counting and sorting and manual freezing of the Board of Commissioners and the assignment of judges instead.

DinarResearcher     The proposed amendment provoked controversy and wide criticism from various political parties and law specialists.

DinarResearcher     "The proposed amendment leaves question marks about the fate of the country, especially since the extension of the parliament is illegal, and the constitution does not give the parliament the authority to extend itself," said legal expert Zuhair Bahaauddin. Bahaa al-Din expected "serious repercussions if the failed deputies in the elections succeeded in extending the term of the parliament."

DinarResearcher     On the differences in understanding the decision of the Federal Court issued on the process of counting and sorting manual, Baha Eddin said that «the first paragraph of the resolution went to the re-counting of the comprehensive, but the last paragraph in the decision left the subject to the discretion of the Board of Commissioners composed of judges, and gave them an open mandate on the procedure of counting In whole or in part, to the questionable ballot boxes. "
​DinarResearcher     But the legal expert Tariq Harb believes that «the decision of the Court on the counting and sorting manual includes all the electoral centers and in all countries, because the Supreme Court recognized the constitutionality of count and manual sorting contained in Article I of the Amendment Act».

DinarResearcher     But a war agreed on the unconstitutionality of the proposed fourth amendment to the age of the House of Representatives, and says: «There are mechanisms set by the Constitution after the end of the electoral cycle must be adhered to, including that Article 56 of the Constitution does not allow the survival of Parliament even for one day after June 30, Which is the end of the current session ».

DinarResearcher     On the other hand, about 50 former deputies and a defeated candidate in the elections in front of the House of Representatives yesterday, chanting slogans: «People want to re-election» and «both for forgery».

"We reject the process of forgery and the confiscation of the will of the people," said former parliamentarian and losing candidate Talal al-Zobaie. "We will not be silent in front of the forgers. This demonstration is the beginning of al-Ghaith, and will be followed by demonstrations in all governorates."

DinarResearcher     http://oneiraqnews.com/?aa=news&id22=5473#.Wy-ZXhZOnDs

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