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Saturday, June 9, 2018

FRANK26 UPDATE: “Implementation in Progress”, 9 JUNE

Sunny:  FRANK26 UPDATE, June 8, 2018, “Implementation in Progress”

The information below is rumored to have come from Frank26 via a compilation of notes and not necessarily in the order they were given – Sunny

FRANK26 UPDATE, June 8, 2018, “Implementation in Progress”

Except where noted all is in Frank’s opinion:

"Implementation" is the process we are now seeing.  The announcement of the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) is a huge step for the RI.  They removed OFAC, all restrictions on Iraq's currency.

This announcement from the UNSC is one of the items that will be included in the multiple announcement from the CBI via the billboards and presentation boards.  The release in The Gazette is going to get even better than this. 

Refer UNSC Release of CBI, June 7, 2018:

UNSC unfreezing the CBI assets that backs up the currency and exchange rate of the IQD.  The Iraqi Dinar is now in a position to leave its Iraqi borders and banks and go to  International Global markets.

Due to what the UNSC just did with the CBI they are now capable of International trade.

Only now. . .being released to the Global Markets.  The CBI wants the world to take their currency seriously and the UNSC agrees.

CBI New Building:   http://www.zaha-hadid.com/architecture/central-bank-of-iraq/  

The RI is even closer.....

·  Abadi is the Prime Minister.

·  Iraq has a functioning government as we speak.

·  Any BS about a recount is only because the losers are complaining.

·  Recount will expose the losers fraudulent actions in the election ballots.

The Second Article is unfolding.  Walking stick wants you to know, that is a FACT in front of our faces.

IMO because Malaki is now frozen post elections, he will not have immunity soon.

Iraq does have a seated government, still.  The old Parliament is in effect.  The CBI will do the RI when told.    Implementation of the RI steps happening now.  CBI and all global  banks are waiting for the GO from . . .

Today I now amend your notes to call it the four headed monster:  IMF, WB, UST  & Trump, President of the USA.

From the moment of his inaugural dinner Trump had everything to do with this RI.

I leave you with this final thought.  Unfreezing the CBI assets is the support for a higher Exchange rate . . . not the "Program rate," in effect now.

We look for the next IMF meeting...on Article 8.  WS confirms "Implementation" in progress....Date?   So much more to come. . . Each new revelation of the RI brings the finality we seek so much closer to us.


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