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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Sunny:  Frank26 Update, June 11, 2018, "As Close as Bone to Bone"

Rumor is the information below is what was reported to have been on the CC.  I take no responsibility if the information is attributed to the wrong person. - Sunny

FRANK26 UPDATE MONDAY CC, June 11, 2018.


[Delta]:  The UN Security Council (UNSC) released all remaining sanctions of the last 16 years.  This means the rate can go back to over $3.00.  In 2003 the UN took Iraq’s currency, the dinar, down to 1/10 cent to prevent Sadaam from using funds for terrorism.  The frozen assets the UNSC released of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) were in the mega $$. 

This is HUGE!
Iraq will have their currency in a 2% compliant rate for 90 days on June 15 as required by the IMF.

The Iraq currency needs to see re-instatment shortly. The revaluation is separate from the Iraq Elections.  Alak, the CBI governor has said, "Lift restrictions on exchange rate 1st half of 2018."  CBI will pull the trigger either the last week of June or last 10 days of June.


It’s important to understand Iraq has a seated government and Abadi is the Prime Minister.

The election recount is just about being caused by government officials who are the "spoiled brats, the sore losers."   Sadr will appoint Abadi as Prime Minister for a second term. He will not wait for a recount.  The elections are over!  The elections have nothing to do with Iraqi Dinar re-in statement.

What you are now reading about in print like the UNSC release of ALL of the CBI’s frozen assets includes six to seven tons of gold. . . $81 Billion . . . those assets, even though frozen, accumulated interest  for so many years.

Iraq could have revalued before these assets were released but not at the rate they can since the release.  Enough funds IMO they can come out at over $3.00 . . .with a higher rate than we anticipated.

[Frank]:  For the UNSC to release sanctions speaks volumes.  It’s telling the International world we have confidence in Iraq . . . in their banking system .  . .in their government.

The CBI has made multiple announcements and a massive media effort from the CBI will follow.

[Delta or WS]:  My opinion only: I do believe the CBI will pull the trigger by the (sounds like he says 8th but that does not make sense).

I do believe nothing will happen this week and I hope I’m wrong.  I do believe they are going to wait up until the (8th again???)  and everything finished  and finalized and then probably pull the trigger sometime the last week of June. . .

I believe the action by the UNSC was really significant and that gave the “green light” to the Central Bank of Iraq to go ahead and do it!

The 2% was accomplished on March 15th.  That means June 15th is going to be exactly the 90 days required by the IMF.  We might not see anything until the last 10 days or week of June. . . . This is 100% going forward . . .

IQD ready to leave Iraq borders now.. .Second Article unfolding now.  Only now information released to global markets.  Maliki is now   "frozen."  CBI will soon release much more.  Exchange rate is controlled by the IMF, World Bank, UST, Trump.

Waiting for "launch code" to go.  All banks around world set to go with CBI.  Now only 1 official CBI website.  The 2nd CBI website was "garbage."


This week CBI uploaded all data for New ATM machines and all software updates completed.  This includes all banks working with the CBI outside of Iraq’s Borders.  The update of electronic software is done.

The CBI linked banks inside Iraq in a 24 hour period.  The ATM’s now capable of receiving data for small notes. 

The ATM’s being used by citizens inside Iraq right give no explanation, no pictures, options or photos of small notes.  There is no option to withdraw a small note yet. The citizens are unaware the ATM’s are ready to dispense the small notes yet.  It’s unknown at this time when the ATM’s will  dispense small notes.

By the UNSC releasing and unfreezing the CBI assets it allows the IQD (Iraq Dinar( to leave Iraq’s borders – to go International, and free Iraq of the program rate.
THROW Out the focus on elections.  The elections are over. The monetary reforms of Iraq are following the same identical steps of the Turkmenistan reforms.

The next step is to take the small notes to the ATM machines.   The rate has to change first.

The billboards will show the small notes in printed picture for to begin with.  There will be no details.

Then look for a CBI statement of facts on the CBI and Minister of Justice’s websites.  A 2nd article will accompany the statement of facts by a massive CBI statement for the world via the media, newspapers, text messages, TV, print, radios and The Gazette.

In between all of this the RI (re-instatement rate) will come out.

In the first quarter of 2018 Iraq was given permission for their monetary reform.  The UNSC gave permission due to the removal of terrorism in Iraq.  The tools of article 8 were used to maintain a 2% variance in their currency rate.

[Frank]:  First time this week, an Oil tanker left Iraq to sell their oil, right after assets unfrozen.

The AMF (Arab Monetary Fund) has lifted restrictions on Iraq. 

The IMF report on Iraq last month was very positive.

The UN Operational rates change next on June 15. 

Eid holiday is coming up and maybe can give more purchasing power to citizens. 


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