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Tuesday, June 5, 2018



Sunny:  Frank26 Update, June 4, 2018, "Oh Snap!"

The following information is a compilation of notes from several parties.  The information is not necessarily in the same order it was on the recording. - Sunny

FRANK26, KTFA CC, June 4, 2018

[DELTA]:  "The CBI is going to make an Announcement. . . Urgent need for bankers to move to next stage.  Remove program rate, "implement immediately." All the steps the IMF, World Bank, UST wanted were accomplished in the first three months of 2018.  Now in June, implementing these steps.  What these economists are saying fortifies this position.

[Frank]:  Delta never said “June 1st it will happen.”
[WALKINGSTICK]:  (has an Iraq firm for over 25 years, 6 banks, 12+ ATM machines.  His firm fulfills every category CBI is working on.  WS tells only "what is in print.")

Pay attention to National Bank of Iraq (NBI) as their software needs to be updated to activate ATM's (carries lower denoms.).  NBI connected to Jordan with 22 ATM's.  Electronic system fights corruption. 

Restricting the American dollar: If you use ATM's, can't get US dollars!!  Not just ATM's, but if they come into our bank, ONLY Iraqi Dinars from now on.  All banks associated with Iraq are not associated with US dollar anymore.  They must "immediately" stop using US dollar.

"How long have we been dreaming about these ATM's dispensing Iraq Dinars only!  No USD any more.  NOT AT PROGRAMMED RATE MUCH LONGER.

They have exceeded the goal of the amount (bank accounts) needed for Re-in-statement... 24 of 37 million Iraq citizens opened bank accounts.  That's why education will be an on going process.  Re-in-statement is unfolding.

Sounds like Auctions coming to an end.  We have to continue to wait, realizing its "right in front of us."  To:  "Reinstate their currency.... No delay, no postponement.... International status . . .with Mastercard/Visa.

Ninety percent  (90%) of Iraqi citizens being paid right now electronically.  Last summer we put down (recorded) in 2nd set of books that we paid them 1:1 but we paid them at the program rate in IQD, electronically.  Now 90% of Iraqi citizens are able to. . .get paid electronically, use ATM machines and open accounts.

The 24 million citizens that have Iraqi bank accounts is because the accounts were opened for them.  We opened them for our citizens.  (The employers opened the accounts for their employees so they could pay them electronically).  The 13 million, (hoarding dinar) without bank accounts are being educated to do so. . . That number lessons by thousands every day.

(CBI gave the Gazette back in May an announcement to be published at a future date)

CBI Announcement will be a number of announcements from the CBI.  1) Small notes, how to dispense. 2) Talk about 2nd set of books;  3)  Article 8 compliant; 4) Talk about billboards and 5) Possibly a new CBI Governor.


[FRANK]:  WS firm works with the CBI on their directives to meet all that is required to meet the RI of the IQD.  WS firm has met all the requirements and so have all the banks in Iraq. .

Now they are unveiling all the steps that were required to bring forth the RI.

[WS]:  Anytime a bill is signed/passed in Iraq it is found at the Ministry of Justice website and then published in the Gazette.  Everything is at the Minister of Justice site.  Article 8 is the law of the reinstatement.

US dollar and the Iraqi Dinar must be in parity.  1:1  That is a step of the reinstatement.  CBI used tools of Article 8 to be 2% compliant.  90 days is not important to maintain the compliance.  This parity tells me it's done.

WS said his firm has met ALL THE REQUIREMENTS as have other banks in Iraq. They WILL BE re-instating the Iraqi Dinar!  They are unveiling all steps that were requirements in order to bring forth the reinstatement!

YOU WILL SHORTLY READ ABOUT:  1) Billboards, 2) Electronic billboards, and an article about items one and two with photo’s of the small dinar notes.  Also an article about "The Launch of Salaries According to a New Mechanism.”

The National Bank of Iraq has put a SMART CHIP IN ATM TO stop FRAUD.  DINAR TRADE BANK refrains from paying Visa customers in US Dollars.

(Frank in black suit, red shirt and white tie.)

[FRANK]:   National bank of Iraq stopped using USD.  Doing everything electronically. Their ATM’s will not dispense USD.  Watch all the other banks in Iraq follow this in the same manner. . . banks inside and outside Iraq. . . .Visa and MC . . .This is International. . . ATM’s and banks refusing to dispense American Dollars.  How long have you been dreaming of that?

What are they using?  At a program rate?  Not for long.  We don’t know at what percentage they are doing this.  50%?  80%?  That would tell us how much longer we have to wait.

They have exceeded the goal of the amount of citizens that they wanted to open accounts in the banks of Iraq.  (24 million Iraqi’s) They have exceeded the goal of how much American dollars they wanted in the streets and hands of Iraqi citizens.  HOT DOG!  That is HUGE!  That is wonderful!

Right now they are being paid at the 1:1 rate in Iraqi Dinar.   Article 8 is the law that created the RI of the Iraqi Dinar. . .  WS said the Gazette and their accuracy is ‘slower than a turtle” but everything is on the Ministry of Justice website

Iraq Dinar is still at the 1190 rate staying in the 2% parity range of 1:1 with the USD as required by the IMF for stability.  To maintain that it may have to go to 1200.  It wasn’t a fluke . . . an accident . . .a mistake . . .a glitch . . . It was a reinstatement step. . . It’s right in front of your face. . .

As the American dollar goes up . . .IMO the Dinar rate may have to go up again. . .maybe even go to 1200 to keep up with the USD, IMO.

90 days  . . not important, IMO.  It’s not to hold a 2% compliance to become Article 8 compliant.  It’s the usage of Article 8 to become and maintain the 2% in their variance that is the goal. 2% compliance was accomplished because of the tools of Article 8.

The US put a shot across the bow of many corrupt politicians in the GOI.  The USA is deeply involved in the political structure of the GOI.   Pres. Trump slamming Iran right now. Not going to allow Iran to spoil his plans in the ME. . . nor Maliki and his goonies.

IMO, Abadi going to leave the Dahl party. . .Sadr requirement.  IMO, Maliki and his corruption are toast. .

Pres. Trump also slamming Turkey. . .Water war started by Turkey. Water is more valuable than oil right now in Iraq.  Pres. Trump can kill the ME economy if he chooses to. . . can bankrupt a country’s economic structure if he wanted to. Turkey, let go of that darn water!  Right now!

You see what Pres. Trump is doing to Iran; how Russia is fearful of what he could do to them.  . . . saw what he did to Venezuela. . . Turkey your next if you do not straighten up and . . . Turkey’s currency is taking a turn for the worst right now!  And IMO, if Turkey continues . . . to irritate the US and mess with Iraq water . . . Oh Buddy, look out Turkey!

The water, the darns equals electricity.  Electricity is the success of the MR/reinstatement especially with so many parts of the MR now going electronically!  Oh Snap!

Turkey leave the water alone!  Turkey, leave Kurdistan alone. . . leave the borders of Iraq alone!

Pay attention to the economists and what they tell you because IMO they are the voice of the CBI that cannot talk.  

Monday  Night KTFA CC 6-4-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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