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Saturday, June 9, 2018


chattels    [Ayna-Baghdad]
The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced on Wednesday to start loading an oil shipment that will be exported through its marine carriers for the first time in 27 years. Read more at


chattels    The company stopped transporting crude in the early 1990s, when the embargo was imposed on the country following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

The disruption of Iraqi seaports for many years at the ports has eroded them, and some of them have been turned into invalid scrap for re-entry.
​Iraq is reviving its fleet of marine carriers, as well as developing oil sector infrastructure, in parallel with its work to increase crude production.

Chattels    BAGHDAD / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / MP for the National Coalition Kazem al-Shammari for reaching full understandings with my list / and / and / wisdom / within the efforts to form the largest parliamentary bloc.

Al-Shammari said in a statement today: "This understanding will contribute to the formation of a real cohesive alliance within the national space."

Al-Shammari revealed that "there are similar dialogues with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the lists of Fatah and the resolution in addition to other political forces," adding: "Today everyone is waiting for the final outcome after the recent decisions issued by the Council of Ministers and Representatives to correct the electoral process."


chattels    [Ayna-Baghdad]   House of Representatives postponed its scheduled session on Saturday to another notice.

"The House of Representatives decided to postpone its scheduled meeting on Saturday, to another notice [without knowing the reasons]," a parliamentary source told All Iraq.


chattels    Friday, June 8, 2018    Iraq’s Election Commission Dismissed, Recount Ordered As Parties Continue To Undermine Democratic Process


chattels    [Parliament] voted to amend the election law, cancel the voting by displaced in Anbar, Diyala, Salahaddin and Ninewa, and conduct a recount. The Election Commission is also to be replaced by nine judges. The president must ratify this action, which could take up to two weeks.

chattels    A recount is unlikely to dramatically change the results, especially because all the major lists finished with around the same number of seats. Therefore, the only real motivation of these actions is to further undermine the election process. Iraq is a developing democracy, and this election and the 2010 one show that the elite still believe they can manipulate the system to their will, especially when they don’t like the results.

chattels    Informed sources on Saturday revealed the start of manual counting and results of the last parliamentary elections on Wednesday, while it indicated that it will take 10 days after the assignment of more than 10 thousand employees to work in the warehouses of the Commission.   LINK

chattels    Courtesy DinarAlert

chattels    Saturday, 09 June 2018     BAGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press:
The exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar, in local trades, on Saturday, the following arrangement:
Baghdad - Bourse struggle:$ 119.800 = $ 100


chattels    09/06/2018    Economy News Baghdad
The dollar exchange rate, Saturday, stabilized against the dinar in the local currency market.
According to the figures received by "Economy News", the price of selling the dollar in Baghdad today was 119 thousand and 250 dinars and the purchase price 120 thousand and 250 dinars compared to $ 100.


chattels    Courtesy DinarAlert

chattels    David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1   Legal team replaces Iraq High Election Commission & supervises hand recount of votes from 12 May. This will take 3 weeks. (Authorities of current government end 30 June & if no new government formed, a temporary government with limited powers takes over)


chattels    So, at this point there has been no ratification of the election results by the Iraqi Judiciary. The timeline for government formation has not begun until the act of ratification.It appears that it may be after June 30 until the completion of the recount and the election results can be ratified. Iraq will have a caretaker government beginning about July 1st. It is unlikely that Iraq will have a new government until late August or early September, IMO.

Baxter    Kind of looks like....2019.. Here we come.... eh Chattels

chattels    Baxter I have opined that the first quarter of 2019 seems like the earliest date for completion of monetary reform and the realization of any value for us.

chattels    Not a prediction, but nothing likely before then is my sense of it.

chattels    Baxter I am hanging on / in and trying to keep the faith.

Baxter    Oh.. I will hang on... what else am I gonna do with it....

chattels    Baxter Verily, verily. :)

Zig    Debbie, from the "IQD Team," sent me an e-mail yesterday.........they do plan on EVENTUALLY doing another conference call......

spankie    sounds like a re-run of the last election-iraq is a joke

xyz    6-9-2018 Mnt Goat Article: "SECURITY COUNCIL SANCTIONS COMMITTEE CONCERNING IRAQ REMOVES ONE ENTITY FROM ITS SANCTIONS LIST" ...this is WOW! news. Now the Central Bank of Iraq can do business with the outside world. Apparently when they told us last year that Iraq was “fully” out of Chapter VII sanctions this was not entirely accurate. But this is fantastic news today. Could this be why they would not let the CBI reinstate the currency up to now?

xyz    Trump and Kim Jong-un went for a walk in Singapore

Hennessy    so i met an iraqi yesterday here in california, he was my lyft driver, we had a interesting talk

Hennessy    his family was pro sadam, but sometime in 1992 him and his family had to leave and moved to dubai, where his father became a taxi driver, and they moved here to america about 3 years ago, so his kids can go to school here. i asked him about the dinar investment, he looked at me and said people have been talking about that for years, its all BS

Hennessy    and for the next 20 minute car ride, he went on to talk about life in iraq back then, he told it like life was actually pretty great. no war, everyone had food, electricity, schools, not many people were suffering. until US came in and messed up their country

Hennessy    and how the iraqi government is so corrupted, and US is there taking free oil, he dont believe any iraqi citizen will benefit from the oil wealth anytime soon

xyz    Hennessy interesting you met a deep uniformed rooted source who think you get free gas to drive around ;banana

Hennessy    supposedly its common knowledge there that iraq has so much oil, every citizen is suppose to receive $870 USD PER DAY, but they dont see that happening anytime soon

Hennessy    hey im not saying i believe anything he says

Hennessy    just telling you guys my experience with the first iraqi i ever met lol

Hennessy    and clearly from the way he was talking, he was very pro sadam and hates us


Pennywise (Movie "IT"):   [Pennywise's face begins changing from a smile to a frown] "Oh, yes... They float, Georgie... They float... and when you're down here with me... YOU FLOAT TOO!" ​
​Baxter    Kaperoni :    The current rate of the Iraqi dinar 1190 is real and accurate and a result of monetary policy accomplished over several years when Shabibi was in charge it's not artificial or program rate. 

The recent change in the exchange rate in year 2015 to 1186 now reflecting 1190 is real and a result of discussions between the IMF and the CBI to monitor the conditions in Iraq and the subsequent reforms. 

As I said before numerous times if and when the CBI accepts IMF Article VIII they will have to get off the peg and move to some type of float allowing the dinar to gradually rise based on investment and capital influx. This is no overnight event.

Zig;   Woho ....KAP....Time for another visit!!...You out there?....Or are you scared of Tebow and Tman... ;scared

Baxter    Well.... he has one follower in here at least............ME......... I believe him...

Zig    Baxter : You are brave to admit that in here....lol

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