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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


6-13-2018   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   ...Oil news is steady right now.  GOI news is stable. For all intents and purposes, Abadi is moving forward in a pretty strong leadership fashion - I like it!  Ramadan is less than 2 days from being over...and I'm personally excited to see how things go!  I'm not anticipating an immediate RV, but rather a steady progression of news related to the recent elections, followed by more OIL related news, then HCL, and THEN we will be in the "zone". This may take another month to get stars aligned, or it may be a mad rush... either way, I'm getting busy here at the office in preparation for whatever is coming. 

6-13-2018   Intel Guru Frank26
   For the UNSC to release sanctions speaks volumes.  It’s telling the International world we have confidence in Iraq...in their banking system...in their government. The CBI has made multiple announcements and a massive media effort from the CBI will follow.

6-13-2018   Intel Guru RayRen98   Baghdad news and billboard signs are informing the citizens of the gradual phase-out of the US dollar and that soon the ATM's will be providing all needed notes, including the lower denomination notes. Al-Fallujah, approximately 43 miles away, is reporting the same type of information.

6-13-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling  It’s not a coincidence that Iraq got out of these sanctions knowing where the price per barrel is going to go and the next thing you know they’re out of these sanctions…  So they are not going to have as many US dollars because the price per barrel is going to go down.  What are they going to use?  They are going to use the Iraqi dinar.  So it’s a big huge deal for us.  They were going to revalue anyways but now they’re open to that much more of the market and the market is that much more open to them.   It was a huge weekend.  People should be excited.  This thing is going to come down…that’s reality….Everything is set in place.  They are going to revalue their currency.  They’re going to add value to it.  They are going to have to...  [Post 2 of 2]   

6-13-2018  Newshound Guru Breitling  Phenomenal news out of Iraq.  What happened…is going to push the revaluation of the dinar that much quicker and that much more…Security council…letting the CBI out of sanctions that happen on June 6th or 7th…It’s a big deal for us.  There are a lot of entities and persons in Iraq that have been sanctioned and the CBI was one of them.  People don’t realize this.  The CBI could have revalued under the sanctions they were under.  All they had to do was reduce the note count.  So what does it mean for us?…[Post 1 of 2]

6-13-2018   Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick   [via sunny]   It’s important to understand Iraq has a seated government and Abadi is the Prime Minister.  The election recount is just about being caused by government officials who are the "spoiled brats, the sore losers."   Sadr will appoint Abadi as Prime Minister for a second term. He will not wait for a recount.  The elections are over!  The elections have nothing to do with Iraqi Dinar re-in statement.  What you are now reading about in print like the UNSC release of ALL of the CBI’s frozen assets includes six to seven tons of gold. . . $81 Billion . . . those assets, even though frozen, accumulated interest  for so many years.  Iraq could have revalued before these assets were released but not at the rate they can since the release.  Enough funds IMO they can come out at over $3.00 . . .with a higher rate than we anticipated.

6-13-2018   Intel Guru Delta  [via sunny]  The UN Security Council (UNSC) released all remaining sanctions of the last 16 years.  This means the rate can go back to over $3.00.  In 2003 the UN took Iraq’s currency, the dinar, down to 1/10 cent to prevent Sadaam from using funds for terrorism.  The frozen assets the UNSC released of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) were in the mega $$.   This is HUGE!  Iraq will have their currency in a 2% compliant rate for 90 days on June 15 as required by the IMF.  The Iraq currency needs to see re-instatment shortly. The revaluation is separate from the Iraq Elections.  Alak, the CBI governor has said, "Lift restrictions on exchange rate 1st half of 2018."  CBI will pull the trigger either the last week of June or last 10 days of June.

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