Saturday, June 23, 2018

BobTheTaxMan UPDATE, 23 JUNE

The sanctions that were imposed on the CBI had been taken off and what people may not realize is that the Central Bank of Iran (not Iraq) have been siphoning U.S. Dollars from the CBI into Iran…Well the Central Bank of Iraq was approached by the U.S. government saying, “hey this doesn’t help us…this isn’t going to work and you’re still under sanctions.”  So the CBI says we see what you’re saying so they shut them off [Iran]…if you would have watched the news you would have seen where the Central Bank of Iran had sanctions imposed upon it and the flow of money going to them got cut off because the Central Bank of Iraq said nope we’re done.  One week later the sanctions that were imposed [On the CBI} since clear back in the 90’s (since the invasion of Kuwait) are now gone.  The CBI is fully functional.  It has the ability to do everything it needs to do…

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