Sunday, June 17, 2018

"An Archaeologist's Guide to the RV" by Fireswan, 17 JUNE

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 10:16 AM EDT on June 17, 2018

I spent the last two days in the presence of a great archaeologist presenting evidence that a great ancient civilization once lived in Africa. He was asking us to explore what these ruins mean to us in our modern day present moment.

I flashed a Q moment 

Future proves past

One day we will be relics for future generations to study about where they come from, what their roots are and why they do what they do because their ancestors did what they did. Everyone here paying attention is gearing up to be positioned in the best possible alignment to achieve the best possible results during an historic moment.

Echos of Y
Transition not Transaction 

Dark to light

What kind of crop circles are we leaving in our wake, reverberating for eons emerging from this unique ripple in time in the fabric of creation.

Your consciousness is your currency 

K the simple fisherman. Carpenter too. Teaches the simple philosophy of catch and release. What are we the Catalyst of in the ordinary, simple moments of our lives? He teaches the quantum power of exploration and asking questions, challenging oneself.

“This is not my wife, this is not my house... how did we get here... once in a lifetime...”

Heis - that one is for you. 
Follow the music.

I again ask you (as I’m asking myself). One day we will be relics. Our bones will be fossils on display in future museums of antiquity. What will our sound be that still rings from having lived. Redeemed Zim. Healed the soul of the world.

What will Gaia do with our signatures? Hashing with Her signatures during the birth of block chains that reset the world.

Place yourself into the lives of your distant descendants. What will they inherit from you? Will your remains ring with doing what you did with what you had from where you were? Are the proud? Do they take you for granted because there was nothing else you could have done but gone with the flow? Reflecting the glow?

Know as you go?

Something to ponder 



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