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Friday, June 8, 2018


We are a mere week away from the end of Ramadan, and judging by the current events, this may be the most explosive..."end of Ramadan" we've ever seen.  Things are happening. None of it really matters until they push the button, but we all know that any news is better than no news. I don't think I've ever seen a Ramadan as busy as this one, in terms of newsworthy events One item that I will expand on is the Elections - there is a lot of confusion about the Prime Minister seat. Did Abadi retain power, or not?  Article:  "The start of the parliament session headed by Jubouri"   Articles quotes:  "Presidency of the parliament decides to hold an extraordinary session on Thursday..."  "The Presidency of Parliament announced on Wednesday, the Parliament held its extraordinary session in the presence of 172 deputies to correct the electoral process."  If there was ONE thing I'd say to keep an eye on right now, that is probably it.  Until that's settled, I don't see any progress happening with HCL or really anything else, so - we will watch.

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