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Monday, May 21, 2018


My WF contact told me Friday am that the next window of opportunity would be this Monday. She was one of the trainers in the exchange. They had to do some updating in the exchange this week. She stated the Treasury was ready and we were in a soft start. The USN will go after the RV. She has been with WF 30+years and holds a large sum of foreign money gifted to her.

Does anyone know what happened to the Intel4u group operated by Wiley and Sweet Queen? Looks like it's no longer working.

Yes they just shuttered the doors last Friday or Saturday. Had only two mods trying to carry the load and it got to be too much.

Baywaych, What did they do with the members? Are they still intact or sent here?

And Intel4U was not operated by Wiley. He just used that as a home base if he had anything to share.

I think he did for a while many years ago, like 8 to 10 years but then gave it up to pusue his passion and dreams.

There were a few of us who were alerted to the fact SQ was closing shop and were told theat SQ was going to announce it. No announcement, just went there one day and it was gone. Not very 'sweet' or classy after all the years they had loyal members there.

I was there the whole time and have spoken with Wiley, no ownership whatsoever.

Ya, thats true. Well, a lot has transpired over the years.

Seems that a lot has but just lots of smoke in reality

I figured it would happen eventually and since I had trouble getting into the room several times I called called him and gave him my cell just in case of this same reason.

That was good thinking, make sure you are on the list.

Well, Ive been on the list for 13 years at least I hope!! lol

They say if you ever got and email from them.......you are on the list.

Classy, just saw your question. No, members from I4U are like a mist, gone forever. I figured once she announced it that it would give people time to share some email addresses with one another thru PM but never announced......just poof one day.

They lost me for a while back when they did the newsletters. Finally got a # to sweet queen which gave me direct access to Wiley. Took a while to find me because their were several sweetpea's spelled differently but we finally found me with my original sign up date. lol

TY for the Intel4U info. I was in there for quite awhile before I migrated to couple of other chats. I hope their peeps found other places to go to to chat.

I haven't gone into the okieoilman chat for a long time now, either. Wonder if that chat is still in operation. I know thier member #s took a big dive couple of years ago, then sambo opened it up to new members again. But that was then. Idk anymore.

We are in a potential, I repeat, potential, Forest Green Week

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