Monday, May 14, 2018


Recent posts have given an extremely distorted view of the future of the Global Currency Reset, initiated as the solution to the Cabal Fiat fiasco, banking system.

The confusion lays in the assumption that the old will be assimilated into the new as if one could pour old wine in a new bottle to produce a better taste. That process will not work. The old wine is still tainted and needs to be thrown out and destroyed. If this is still not clear, let’s put it this way. Any old spoiled wine is bad and is not only distasteful, but repugnant and will continue to make people sick even if it is poured into a new bottle and sold as new wine. Anyone who believes this procedure is valid, is demented and has lost their cognitive reasoning skills, or maybe is a part of the Cabal disinformation scheme that needs the old system around to support this debt centered oppressive financial system. That debt system has destroyed many a life and is the reason a brand-new system needed to be initiated into the world economic structure as Gold Backed currencies. Those who believe in old Fiat trust money as a way of the future are sadly mistaken. Enough said.

Any and all arguments that says there is insufficient Gold in the world to accomplish this new Financial System, is out of touch with reality and is promulgating their demented point of view of world economics. This is a serious accusation but is, never-the-less true. Why?...because it doesn’t even matter how much Gold is used to back the world currencies, it is only used to establish, “VALUE,” as it relates to international trade using national currencies. Once this, “VALUE,” is re-established and becomes seasoned over time, it becomes the accepted medium of exchange and accomplishes the purpose for which it was created. When Gold Backed currencies are established on par with all other currencies then it doesn't matter what the price of gold is. They all go up and down together. It is genius and the results are a sustainable and functional world wide system of trade using any national currency. No one's currency is better than another's.

The NPTB have enhanced the, "Value Quotient." of all currencies by claiming that each country is backing its currency with, in-ground hard assets, as well as soft assets inherent to the economic structure within the country. This means that each currency issued acts like a bond, backed by assets. There is little VALUE that can substantiate a country’s currency unless it is a, “perceived value,” acceptable to other trading partners on the world economic arena. Perceived Value, is always necessary in any transaction using currency. If I don’t perceive your currency as, “valuable,” then I have no interest in receiving your currency in exchange for the value I place on what I am exchanging with you. Gold Backed currency establishes parity with all other Gold Backed currencyies.

The Microcosm of Zimbabwe is an historical example of the Macrocosm as to, perceived value, and the need to, “Reset,” the perceived value back to where it can facilitate transactions between countries. This lack of public, perceived value with the Zim, produced hyper inflation the world has never seen before, and probably will never be seen again. Did the, Perceived Value, of the Zim have anything to do with the inflation? Absolutely! Who is responsible for this hyperinflation? Was it the Cabal Mugabe government that mismanaged the Zim’s value or was it just that the people lost faith in the value of the Zim? Which came first the chicken or the egg? It is just a blame game, but the lack of value perceived by Zimbabweans exacerbated the hyperinflation. Mugabe and his cabinet who mismanaged and lost billions of dollars, are yet to be free from prosecution for this extreme destruction of the Zimbabwean economic structure. The non-bond Zim was re-introduced in November of last year as par with a basket of other foreign currencies that included the USD. The country needed the new volume of Zim to run their economy. Shortage causes inflation.

Fiat currency can only be used until the perceived value is lost and a correction needs to take place. Because the whole world wide financial structure is based on the easily manipulated Fiat currency, the whole world needs a reset back to a, Perceived Value, currency system that accommodates international trade. The old system cannot just be, FIXED, it has to be a total, RESET, to move forward as Perceived Value. The longer the Fiat system is left unchecked, it will produce the similar hyperinflation that caused the destruction in the Zimbabwe economy but on a world wide basis. Hyperinflation benefits those who create the debt structure of Fiat currencies. When one needs to pay a debt, creating your own currency to pay that debt is an economic train wreck waiting to happen. We are seeing this wreck in real life as it plays itself out.

Presently, any Perceived Value from the old system has to go through an extensive and intense, re-evaluation process to be acceptable in the new system. The old despicable system of bonding new-born babies as an acceptable way of making money out of nothing, will not be automatically included in the new system. Are these the old Collateral Accounts? Any value, thus obtained as assets, will be confiscated within the new asset-based currency reset and used as public holdings within the new currency reset. This is a huge undertaking when other more acceptable ways of resetting the currency values may be used by simply washing away this demented process of value and start anew. This is akin to either flushing the toilet or attempting to reclaim any old value discarded in the toilet bowl as waste. Unless there is a system in place prior to reclamation attempts, which there is not, it is not a practical solution.

Trump has given an Executive Order to confiscate hard assets by those who have profited by abusive practices against humanity. I believe this is an attempt to disallow ill-gotten gain from being used as value by Cabal types left over from the Fiat system. It has deprived them from enjoying the fruits of their illegal activities in the new system, and rightly so. This, I believe, is the Alliance maneuver to separate the wheat from the chaff and eliminate the Cabal participation in the new Gold Backed system of currencies. It has only just begun and we shall see the complete separation when it is completed.

Trump is simply an Alliance actor. Whether you like him or despise him, it’s inconsequential. If he has taken amnesty for sins from the past, or simply an actor on the public stage, his work, his part, is essential to the GCR/VR plot and the restoration of the Republic event we call NESARA/GESARA. The time it takes is interminable to those of us who know not what is taking place. We are squirming in our theater seats as we conjecture who are the villains and who are the good guys. When, THE END, flashes across the screen and movie credits begin to role we will know how it got to the end of the play. Please pass the popcorn, this movie is soooo long and I’m getting hungry, again. I hope it ends before I pass away from indigestion from only eating popcorn.

WE bought the ticket so we must stay put to get our Value. I worked my ass off before I bought my ticket so without any fat back there, I keep moving to get comfortable but comfort has alluded my skinny posterior. I should a brought a cushion and a lunch.

Ron Giles

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