Friday, May 4, 2018


Celebraterv:  I have been on this ride 7 years. I have never received any positive information from my bank of 25 years,Wells Fargo. I stopped in to do some banking! A personal banker approached to inquire if I needed help.

I asked him if he knew of upcoming currency revaluations. He told me that bankers are advised only to give out info to the public based on the "business need to know" regulations.

Everything can not be openly discussed because of liability to the banking industry.

He gave me the eye and said as an individual on the outside of the bank, he could discuss more freely! He indirectly let me know there was validity to the questions I was asking him!

Great young man-very astute about banking and a born again Christian who wanted to build orphanages in Africa.

Sawdust46:  Just got back from depositing a small check at WF drive though. I asked if they were exchanging foreign currency. The teller said that they do, that ALL of the tellers have received training. I asked how they verify the bills, and she indicated that they do not have a Delerue machine but have photos that come up on their screens to verify bills. The armored truck is still sitting in the parking lot of the old WF office bldg. Banks have to be ready and waiting. Come on RV!

Red:  I remember when you could hardly find a bank that would even admitt knoing about an RV now they will talk to you freely about training and memos, even through a drive in window, we have come a long way baby..

RDflyer12:  Guess we're still in the "Window of Opportunity".....hope the bankers and Iraq are sync'd up this time and will hit the "Hard Target Date" of completion......come on, RV!!

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